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Wish List Feedback

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I was thinking in advance...
In the Easter event eggs are placed in (non-polished) decorations.
But with everybody using the auto button it will be a serious issue to get an egg (well I can build a lot of decorations but than "polivation" will be miserable during the event).
Unlike the past events, allowing the placement of eggs in polished decorations will solve this matter.
I agree, but instead we should just be able to hide an egg in any building, or even just houses. Or change the entire format so the Easter game is like the Winter event or one of the others.


having more deco helps

but I see the big problem with the Aid button in the Easter Event
everybody who uses it doesn't hide an egg in my city :p
and everybody who hides eggs doesn't aid during the complete event

because the nice players who hide eggs back when they get one don't aid because they don't know if they hide an egg in 6 or 12 hours

so the easter event will be horrible to all


gostaria que os mantimentos pudesse ser comprados ou trocados por moedas ou mantimentos (a porcentagem de 10x1 é extremamente absurda) num GE, seria tipo um mercado, aqui no beta é dificil conseguir mantimentos pois a lista de jogadores é pequena, outra cena é a quantidade de espaços para jogar as medalhas são muito poucas
simply remove the FP limit of 10 and store an unlimited amount of FPs in the FP bar
same result ;)
They could also just be stored next to the Coins/Supplies/Medals & Diamonds in the top bar.
There is no need to have sets of 2/5 & 10 FPs. That just happened because they added them to the Inventory.
Instead once you collect (or gain) FPs thaey are just put in a pile same as Coins/Supplies/Medals & Diamonds.

Google say:-
would like the groceries could be bought or exchanged for coins or groceries (the percentage of 10x1 is extremely absurd) in GE, would be like a market here in beta is hard to get groceries for the player list is small, another scene is the amount spaces to play the medals are very few


I believe that it would really be great if players had a place to store their city buildings. This would give all players the opportunity to store their buildings, so they can rebuild their city.

Instead of selling everything to clear up space, they would be able to remove buildings into a temporary holding area, or a Warehouse area, and reset their city to make room for GBs or new era buildings...or for a total extreme city makeover altogether.


I would like to be able to have the ability to trade or sell items with friends or other guild members from my storage area.


By example the goat farm. It's 4x5, but if I want to build it, so I must brake the road. If I do this, the other buildings are out of order. The other way is to expand. But if I must expand twice, I'm in the no more in Irontime. So it would be logical to rotate and build.


I don't think you should be able to see that, when your neighbors' cooldown timer is up.
For the players that think this is important, a quick visit to the neighbor's city will tell you how much reduction they have on their timers to give you an estimate.
But if the example above is the case, that an aggressive neighbor attacks and plunders you every morning, then my suggestion would be to schedule your goods harvests at a totally different time, e.g. 5 PM.

I do believe reduced production times and reduced cooldown timers can lead to more plundering, but because on the other servers I'm not on the receiving end of this, I don't really mind :)

The main reason for my suggestion is the desire to get rid of the 24 hour production times in all buildings and GBs. Harvesting in combination with clicking through the repeating missions always takes me more than 15 minutes, which results in harvest times moving up every day.
For many people, this makes it difficult to fit playing this game into their daily routine, when they have to be at work or school, for example.
If there would be a GB which could shorten the production times to 23 1/2 hours (and less), players can keep their harvest times at fixed points during the day, without sacrificing their off-line obligations in order to play the game - which does cause many players to quit playing FoE, after they have been showing up late for work/school four times in the last week :)

The great thing about this being a GB bonus, is that players can decide for themselves how much time reduction they need, and what GB level they need to achieve this. If it's done right, the productions won't be sitting idle for long, if at all, so there will be hardly any risk of getting plundered.


The great thing about this being a GB bonus, is that players can decide for themselves how much time reduction they need, and what GB level they need to achieve this.
only if it is level 10 or higher

because lower the players can't decide for themselves if other still can donate and level that GB



simply remove the FP limit of 10 and store an unlimited amount of FPs in the FP bar
The fp limit is to keep you active otherwise you might not log in for months and still reap the benefits of all those fp's. The banking system means you still have to log in to transfer to the bank.


funny my sarcastic solution is quoted and answered

but nobody answers my real question:
why not using the FPs instead of giving them to the bank?


funny my sarcastic solution is quoted and answered

but nobody answers my real question:
Unfortunately sarcasm doesn't always come across in written form.

I agree with you just use the fp's. I have no desire for a fp bank.


If they let you trade guild treasury goods you could trade the goods down and they wouldn't be a waste. Trade code already exists they would just have to make it so only founders can set the trades unless we actually get a dedicated rights management system that allows a more refined approach to who could trade them.


When visiting friends/neighbors, you can motivate or polish buildings only if there is anything to m/p (m/p buttons must be available to click). But with the new feature "AID" you can "m/p" whether there is anything to m/p or not. By doing this, not only the receiving party is at loss, also the motivator loses their chance to receive a blueprint!

To rectify this situation, when there is nothing to m/p, the color of the AID button could be changed -let's say into red- and it would be up to the player whether they want to skip the chance to receive BP by clicking it or they could wait until the color goes "green" so to speak.


Beta Tester Makaro made a great suggestion.

"My wish is for us to be able to decide (and change, maybe for a fee) which goods do we get out of Obs & Atomium. Like it is now, if a guild is fighting in lower era than PoMo, you don't need Atomium, or if you have it, it's a waste, and all the Obs are doomed to produce newest goods..
What's the point? It should be a help for guild in GvG, let it become that. "

I really like this idea, and think it would be very beneficial to a guild. If something was done so that these GB's could provide goods that are wanted or needed, instead of just the current goods of the age the player is in, these GB's would become much more valuable and desirable.

Thank You,
Excellent Suggestion ( Wishes )