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Wish List Feedback

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Hallo i have an idea that this game very very needs more information that can see founders and leaders of guild to checks that members are playing according to rules and priority of guild like:

- basic informations about guild member, like ...actual age, fierce resistance, military boosts, numbers of military and goods building and halls of fame built in town , is it now logged in game or when last time was (hours and minutes - not only days!!), quantity of posts in guild forum , and other practical information ;)

- information about motivation other players in guild - numer of motivated memebres , today, last week, last month etc.

- information about donated goods to treasury, global amonut, today, last week, last month etc.

- information about exchanged goods with other guild members, today, last week, last month and etc.

- information about won battles when guild sieged enemy sector, or when guild sector are sieged by enemy guild, today, last week, last month etc.

- information about number of replacing army in guild sectors, today, last week, last month etc.

- information about used forge points to Great Buildings other memebrs of guild, today, last week, last month, etc.

I see all this in nice table with filters to see desired information... ;)

aleq :cool:

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I see many players leaving guilds

Stasi is watching them :rolleyes:

information about used forge points to Great Buildings other memebrs of guild, today, last week, last month, etc.
and you can use that information correct :rolleyes:

so who is the better guild player in my little example ?
player A and B: giving daily 20 FPs to guild members
or player C giving only 10 FP daily

A and B are trading with each other 20 FP. not donating to other players
player C always gives 10 FP to newly build GB and getting nothing back for that

answer: player C is the much better guild player in the point giving FP in my example
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I would like to be able t have troops put in a save/holding space , to add to the defense slots in GvG.
I dont think it needs to be an unlimited amount to put in hold, i think just 4, to make it as fair as possible.
The reason for this, is so that when someone has 1 barracks for a certain age, they could make 4 troops , put them in the hold , then make 4 more troops to total 8 for the defense slot of the matchiing age GvG.
I dont think a guild wide treasury would be a good idea though ,, things could get very very unbalanced very quick.
4 units hold for one barrack per age.
Also once the 4 units are put in the hold , they can never be accessed other than for Defense slots. and must be used first before adding 4 units from the army management of the corresponding age.

See this wish along the same lines... Maybe "fair-er" to all players young and old regardless of experience or play level with a simpler execution?


I do like the idea of having some new and interesting GB rewards - just the one query on the PVP aspect:
I wish for upcoming Great Buildings to give us something original again, like the Progressive Era brought us.
Nobody will want coins+happiness again, so please try to come up with something new.

As a second bonus, or as a bonus from another GB, shorten the cool-down time for attacking neighbors and motivating guild members in a similar way.
Several of the (mostly 'newer' I'd imagine) players use their own event history as a guide to how 'safe' they are from troublesome neighbours.
"Oh, 'x' attacked and plundered 3rd day in a row at 09:00 yesterday - so I'm safe to schedule productions to finish at 08:45 tomorrow".
Next day
"Hmm, attacked and plundered at 08:30 ...."

Obviously, any player can attack and productions should be scheduled accordingly, that's just an example of why the support ticket inbox would grow.

My main question I guess would be how would one person's reduced cooldown be reported to other players in their guild/neighbourhood/friends so that they could determine when their next incoming (attack/pol/mot) is possible/probable?


I think that rotating 2x2, 3x3 would be possible by just rendering a few more static images for the 4 orientations. I can't overly see the need for it, but as it's not a full 3D rotation needed in the client it would only take a little more work.

Rotating 2x3, 3x4 etc so that people could arrange their cities easier should remain off-limits as it would make the game an awful lot easier.


Rotating 2x3, 3x4 etc so that people could arrange their cities easier should remain off-limits as it would make the game an awful lot easier.

I always want a more challenging game not an easier one :p


And you can't do this even now?

Yes and No,
Right now there is no troops treasury. If one was to start making troops to add to a treasury, they could literally make millions to store, accessed by all members 24/7 No one would ever take over a sector from them.
Right now there only stored troops are in their personal management, if the aint online , ( everyone sleeps sometime) the troops cant be accessed.
Its very different in that aspect.
A lot of the changes mentioned all through this thread dealing with troops would benefit the diamond players 10 fold next to the non diamond players. But then again , there does need to be perks in order to buy diamonds ,, but lets keep it close to fair as possible.


mhhh... I get the point... I suppose it can be possible to cap the number of units to add/get in a unit of time (hour/day...) and maybe add the option to override a little the limits with diamonds


"Aid" function need a little improvement.
Is it possible to add priorities to each side of process.
For city: I need production / I need coins;
and for visitor: I need bronze (Iron, EMA, HMA, etc.) Age.

I support this - Aid is not useful as it stands - too random.


Is it possible to chance those grey boxes to some difrend colours?It is very hard to dry find those grey boxes especially when you are older player.Problem is when you trying to collect one box in your village or when you stealing neibourgs.Mayby simply arrow top of the house or factory should work better:):)


easy solution
only unattached units can be donated ;)

It kill GvG
only those who own Alcatraz can have tons of un-attached unit

those who do not own Alcatraz is now throw out of the GvG defending door
they can help to capture sector and cannot help to defend


are you thrown out of the GvG defending door NOW ?
they still can put in a defense with attached units like now
or did someone say that wouldn't be possible then :confused:

only donating 20 units 6 times a day is not possible = 120 from one player (20 barracks all 4 hours)
that is called: abuse prevention ;)

and btw:
which player would donate many of his unattacked units for the opportunity to put in a defense much later ?

It kill GvG
people not understanding ideas trying to kill what they don't understand :eek:

sure you would be one the cheater who would donate 6 times a day all his produced troops from the barracks
No need to cap it....
or why do you want a non capped method to abuse :confused:
but when someone brings a point to prevent abuse you scream out loud

and then bringing stupid arguments for that
it just like goods, do we cap goods amount in guild treasures
troops and goods are different:
goods: you can produce, produce, produce, produce, produce, produce, produce, produce, produce ...... and keep them for later
troops: you can't produce any more troops in barracks when it is full.

so you see the difference ??
troop will then be: produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, ....

do you donate your goods to the guild treasury each time when the production is finished ?
sure not. but you would do that with your troops

that will kill GvG
produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, produce, donate, ...
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I was thinking in advance...
In the Easter event eggs are placed in (non-polished) decorations.
But with everybody using the auto button it will be a serious issue to get an egg (well I can build a lot of decorations but than "polivation" will be miserable during the event).
Unlike the past events, allowing the placement of eggs in polished decorations will solve this matter.