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Wish List Feedback

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Wish List Feedback

Please post all feedback and thoughts on other players wishes in this sub-forum.

Important: Please do not post your own wishes here, please post them in

In response to some great feedback we suggest you start a separate topic to offer your feedback on any specific wish idea.

Please title new topics with the players name and brief description of their idea.

Please check before you start a topic to see if there is already one for that wish.

Please be kind and courteous with others wishes even if you do not personally agree with them. Including a link to the wish would be helpful to others so they can also share their thoughts, but it is not required, thank you.

The Beta Team


Please! Please! Please! Get rid of th clouds in the Guild Wars Continent.
They DO NOT look cool and only serve to cause tremendous lag.
I have given up trying to message there because the lag is so bad, it's intolerable.

Clouds can now (v1.41) be disabled in the settings: it is paired with the smoke animations. Is this what you are looking for?


A new feature to the game - Challenge another player to combat!

The challenge could work like this:
•1 Clicking on a player name would have an additional option to “Challenge” in the pop-list.
•2 The player would be sent an event notice, and the opponent would have the option to accept. Only one challenge could be issued at a time, it must be accepted, declined, or rescinded.
•3 If accepted, both opponents choose an army from any existing troops, not relevant to age of opponents, all attack and defense bonuses apply, as in current battle procedure.
•4 Battle begins on random terrain, and follows the game's battle procedure.
•5 Each opponent would have the option to abort or surrender, as in current battle procedure.
•6 Should the battle become interrupted, each player would have the option to resume battle, as in current battle procedure.
•7 No score or option to plunder would be awarded to the victor, this ensures that battles could not be forfeited for profit to the victor.
•8 Troop losses and casualties during combat would be effective to armies at the end of battle, as in current battle procedure.
•9 The challenge would not be relevant to any 24 hour attack/polish/motivate timer, a challenge could be initiated or repeated immediately and consecutively.

This feature would have no positive effect on any player’s city, only an ego boost for the victor, the result would be a negative effect on the player’s army by injuring troops. With no positive rewards, there is no possibility of cheating the game. The challenge would have the similar characteristics of playing a live game of chess against another player; it would add a new optional method of spending time in the game, now that the AID button has made time less valuable.
I'm loving this one even moreso than my POW ideer! One on One neighborhood combat/battles live vs a human instead of the AI defense!


I wish the was a F.O.E. banking feature. The bank would only deal in the deposit and exchange of forge points (FPs). It would allow the user to deposit FPs in units of 2, 5 or 10 only. It would also, and this is important, allow the user to exchange a 10 FP deposit to create two 5 FPs deposits or take two 5 FP units to make a 10 unit pack. Of course the bank feature would allow the player to withdraw FPs, also in units like it does now from the players inventory. I feel the self deposit and exchanging being the main reason for the bank as the current way to access FPs in inventory is excellent. With the increase FPs players get via the great buildings (GBs), specially the Cape Canaveral which can give out more than 10 FPs at a time, there is a need to allow the player to store these extra FPs.

The F.O.E bank feature could be incorporated into the inventory or the actual FP transactions could be separated out and use the now unused 'gift' feature. It could become the 'Banking' feature. Players could go into their inventory, click the banking feature and then deposit, exchange, or withdraw FPs. The deposit and exchange function would be new but the withdraw could be done in the bank or has the player is visiting their or others FP required area. Like when in they tech tree or on they own or an other players GBs.

This idea kind of goes against how the game has been played since it first began, however many, many changes and updates have been made and FoE is a vastly different experience, if not, a different game altogether versus when it first started...

I agree with this considering the implementation of multiple Forge Point producing buildings (great or special regardless). Is it time to consider a way to save them? Mentioned above is the gift function that could *finally* be implemented as well to handle some of this functionality.


simple question: why not using the FPs instead of giving them to the bank?

and why a bank if you want to keep them for later use ?
simply remove the FP limit of 10 and store an unlimited amount of FPs in the FP bar :rolleyes:

same result ;)


Bank :
(a) give interests, longer u deposit, more interest ( fp ) u collected
(b) exchange currecny.... e.g. he want to a "free" exchange 10 fp into 2X5 fp. Sometimes, when u place f into other player's GB, e.g. it require 7 fp to mature, place 10 fp package, he will get 3 fp overspill and he will need to find a place to allocate that 3 fp...breaking down the fp package will make him easily to assign fp (e.g. 5 + 2 = 7 ) fp package
(c) deposit... when u reach end of contemp era, u may need to "bank" your fp so u can use it when "tomorrom" is up , even it can be used as "day after tomorrom" era too <--- currently some player turn some of fp into fp package by upgrade other player's GB

that i smy understanding

correct me if i am wrong

we just get a limitation of army pool ...
may be in future, we may get a limitation of fp package too


Dear Santa, I was a good boy this year so can you please add an icon to the notification panel on the right hand side of screen to show when any of your guild occupied sectors is under siege.


O ~~` do i read it correclty, my poor understand are as below "

why "Santa's occupied sector is under seige"
why u need a message send to you ??

u want to join force to attack Santa ??


I would like this...

Maybe leaders or trusted only get it or have it pop up for all guild members.

Could be a message notification flashing just as a new message does, but a screen pop-up on either side of the screen would be great! Click on the pop-up and it takes you directly into the GvG Continent map!


Beta Tester Makaro made a great suggestion.

"My wish is for us to be able to decide (and change, maybe for a fee) which goods do we get out of Obs & Atomium. Like it is now, if a guild is fighting in lower era than PoMo, you don't need Atomium, or if you have it, it's a waste, and all the Obs are doomed to produce newest goods..
What's the point? It should be a help for guild in GvG, let it become that. "

I really like this idea, and think it would be very beneficial to a guild. If something was done so that these GB's could provide goods that are wanted or needed, instead of just the current goods of the age the player is in, these GB's would become much more valuable and desirable.

Thank You,


At the very least display sectors under siege on the main gvg map in different colors, so players don't have to check the gvg map age by age looking for attacks.


Agreed. Be able to choose the age of the good produced by Obs, and Atomium up to and including the current age of the player. (not beyond the age of the player)


Heck I wouldn't mind the option to fight one on one against some of my guildmates for the fun of it. It would also be a great feature for helping teach new players how to fight, instead of try to explain it to them.


if i'm defending sectors then i so want this however if i'm attacking another guilds sectors then i really dont want them to get any sort of warning


I want to get the troups sorted.
today wounded and fresh troups mix, also bound and un-bound troups mix.

Please sort them !
the bound fresh troups should be easiest to fetch,
the un-bound fresh troups should be close to above, but not mixed..
in the end, wounded troups should appear...


I think the market deserves some improvements, for example I don´t like browsing for goods which is down on the list, and somehow highlighted the goods, that you have bonus for would be nice (Im playing on A,B,C and BETA) and I do not remember in each one what I have bonus for
Last updates was focused on everything else, but the marketplace has been forgotten I think :)
So definitely any improvements there would be great ;)
And sorry for my english it is not my native language :)


• When using FP packages to put FPs on someone else’s GB, allow me to access my reward packages directly without having to exit out of the city to go back to my city to get them.
You can by clicking on the "+" icon to the right of the "Use Forge Points" buttons. Alternatively, you can access the packages also by clicking on the "+" icon next to your FP bar (though using a large FP package will reset your timer up there while it will not affect it if you use it from the GB screen)