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Feedback Spring Event 2018

  • Thread starter Retired Community Manager
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Retired Community Manager

Please leave any feedback for this years Spring Event in this thread.
You can find all the details here.


You didnt say what the upgrade values are for the upgraded buildings.
What are they?


I hope this is going to carry over to all future building upgrades? I agree with
ianscottclark the choice is also good and allows much fairer balance between new/old players and those that want multiple sets -v- higher level sets.
Can't really apply to all of them, as some buildings change size when you upgrade them.


I know the event has yet to begin but my Spring Lantern Counter on the event countdown display is showing 9 Lanterns whilst others in my guild say they have 30!


I know the event has yet to begin but my Spring Lantern Counter on the event countdown display is showing 9 Lanterns whilst others in my guild say they have 30!
mine shows 16

but when the event starts we will all have the same amount


the screenshot of the kit contains an incomplete description (?)
"... this selection kit will be" ...something missing after this...
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Very nice implementation for upgrading the set buildings. Great job getting it worked out to allow us to upgrade buildings without removing them from the city or even resetting the production timers. Huge thumbs up from me for that!

Also somewhat allays my fears that there would be 10 different prizes related to the set by condensing the buildings and upgrades into one item for each. I would have preferred a generic upgrade item that works on any building in the set, but this is at least better than what I was expecting. :)


Well, i got 50 lanterns :D Hope to not dissapear until event is starting

Retired Community Manager

The lantern amount will reconcile when the event starts.

Hi i have an important question for you zarok.
Will any piece of the set be offered in the grand prize?
It's a secret :D
"That is why instead of winning the upgrades or the building, you will instead win an item that contains either of those rewards - a Selection Kit!"



I didn't understand one aspect of the Selection kits, when we open one of them, do we choose whether to get the basic or the upgraded version or is it random?

Also, the statement is incomplete: "....If you cancel the action the Selection Kit will be ________". So what does happen if we cancel the action?