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Spoiler Space Age Titan

Deleted User - 241425

Well end of suspense, a new copy-paste!
15 months to integrate the only novelty of charging in gold and goods the levels of each of the 3 GMs.
But not a "chain" type interaction between the 3 GMs... I'm disappointed, so disappointed!!!

Deleted User - 57457

Nothing really worth pushing through towards SAT. It's just another fighter's penalty age and a trader's delight age. What a surprise, not. Nothing hinted at anything different than another copy with a pleasing space colony. The only "change" hinted in the GB's were the need of additional resources. Which turned out to be goods. I'm not surprised to say the least.
I'm not disappointed. It's at this point too predictable. Would've been it if something was hinting in the spoilers of the removal of keen eye and something worthwhile. Already gave up since SAV. Guess a small group of prayers are holding on to an illusive piece of hope on something really different around.