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Feedback Message Center Changes


2. There are also guilds that share chats and work together.
can still be done

3. Then there are definitely players in the guild who do not want to participate in chains or GG or GVG. They are now practically forced to stay in the posts.
the solution for that is already be implemented
they can hide the messages and won't see them anymore

4. As a guild leader, I can no longer send circular mails where the read confirmation is given by simply leaving the mail.
why not ?

create a message. add all guild members. send. done

1. There are certainly guild members who play on / off and leave the guild for a long time because they don't play regularly for a while. But in the case as it is now, you have no more contact with the guild events.

but guild events are for guild members. not for people who left the guild


why not ?

create a message. add all guild members. send. done
All these emails will then take place in the social area and will probably be perceived even worse than before
But I realize you don't see the problem. Then there is hardly any point in discussing it.
The new version could be very helpful and clear, especially because you have the separation of guild and social area. Nevertheless, many guild-related topics will have to take place in the social area and are thus almost quickly pushed back and almost disappear.
The guild council must also move its discussions outside. It's a shame somehow. : - /
It is almost the end of August and still no fix for the annoying message indicator flashing? It seemed to be fixed for a short time, then recently it began happening again. But after we read through the messages once, it stops flashing until we move to another screen, where the message indicator is present and it flashes again even if there is no message. I noticed on the Settlement screen, it not only flashes again, it shows the same message with a new message indicator on the message we just read.

Also since the new message center and indicators came online, I have a deleted message in my guild inbox that can't be deleted. Guild Msg.jpg

...and there is no option to allow me to dump, erase, delete, purge that message from the guild inbox. Does anyone else have that problem? I'm the only person in this thread, yet it won't let me delete this damn thread.

As Admin and guild leader I should have full rights to do so, yet this annoying message is missing the Garbage can icon to let us DELETE the message. In the Group Info button from the top left context menu we can't simply click the X to leave the conversation either. Both of the icons in the message info box are greyed out and we have no access to them.

The new message box is nice and tidy, but better if it actually worked. Simply telling us, "we are aware of the problem" isn't helping us in anyway.


Last edited:


The message you can see is the Automatic Guild message which was present in the old message center. This message cannot be deleted.

I have tried to recreate the flashing message but it is not happening for me. Is this happening for anyone else?


I think this started yesterday. W10, FF (all updated to the last versions). The texts are truncated in the bottom, as shown in the picture.

Guild messages are deleting themselves. We have lost the Guild GBG message twice as well as the 1..8 and 1.9 threads. Fortunately, we have not lost any FP swap threads, yet.
or was it sabotage and somebody deleted them ?
The ability to delete Guild Messages is itself a bug. Guild Message deletion has always been unnecessary and quite undesirable.

If a guild message becomes obsolete, a terminal message declaring the thread is closed and recommending it be Hidden is enough.

Allowing someone obsessed with a clean, "spam"-free Inbox to delete a Guild-wide message they do not like is a very bad idea.


It is only possible for a Founder, Leader or appointed Guild Moderator to delete a thread in the Guild tab. You may decide to review who has that ability if your posts are being incorrectly deleted?


Unlikely, as the new message system was announced to be released on all servers...
Surely that makes it more likely as it shows that it wasn't a bug that made them pull back but some other reason which I would prezoome to be liver server envioremnt testing , what else would it be ?
It is only possible for a Founder, Leader or appointed Guild Moderator to delete a thread in the Guild tab. You may decide to review who has that ability if your posts are being incorrectly deleted?
First, what is an appointed Guild Moderator?

Second, I posted this in the Main Guild Thread to help deal with the problem....

*** Attention -- Do Not Delete Guild Threads! If you do not want a guild thread then just Hide it. When you delete a Guild Thread, you delete it for EVERYONE, not just for you. ***

Third, the new message center is not in the US Live servers.


The information given in my live world was that they discover some error when they first deliver it in the German servers, and postponed the realise everywhere else.