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Feedback Message Center Changes


Please leave any feedback for the Message Center Changes here.
You can find all the details here
Please report any bugs in our bug section here.
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All of this sounds and looks amazing. It's all players have wished for.

One question though: If a guild message is created, can players still leave it? Many guilds have messages that not every player is interested in (swap threads, GvG threads etc). Duh, missed that they can simply be hidden, which is an even better option.
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Stop complaining about everything boys.
This new messages center is what most of us been waiting for a long time, very well done inno.
It might take some time until we get used to it, but I like the idea where you can have everything much more organized.
In a +60 players guild this is so useful, I have 5 pages only in guild threads, and usually another 5-10 conversations open with other players. So yeah, for me this is a win!!
+1 Mr. FOE


guild messages save time
- no need to add new members or remove people who left
- when you join a guild you are immediately part of them because you don't need to wait until the person who can add you is online

and being able to leave guild messages would be counterproductive
then there must again be a way to add people to those messages manually
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I have some feedback:

#1 It looks like you can't move a thread from Social to Guild. The solution for this seems to be to delete the thread and re-make in the other section.
Can this be fixed?

#2 Please add some space below the last comment in a thread, so you can see it as a box. Now it connects to the bottom and it makes me wanna scoll down all the time.

#3 It would be nice to create some #tags to the Social tab. So next to #Favorites and #Hidden something you can create yourself.


you still can't copy an url that spans? 2 lines
this and the blinking, when there is no new message, should be fixed please

Edit: sure i use tinyurl.com, but most of the players do not know this


good idea, not thought through... At first sight i miss:
- filter for new messages
- possibility to move messages to other categories (like official guild channels to "guild")
- possibility to create own new categories
- possibility to mark channels as "hidden" (channels i dont use, but i need to unlock for new members)

ok found the option to hide messages - why no icon directly on the channel like "favourite" and "leave"?