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Introduce yourself


Hi guys:

I'm Amie, it's not my real name but I prefer to be called me with that pseudonym in FoE ;); I'm colombian and I live in Colombia; with respect to my age, I prefer to reveal those who share more with me, because I feel more comfortable like that :); I've not played another game of InnoGames but I've heard that they have several interesting games, although I really don't have time to start playing another game :confused:.

Well, when I started playing FoE the system took me to the Argentine server and Brisgard's world, there I're part of the guild, but it's Beta, so I stopped with that story :D. Continuing with Beta :p, the truth I didn't know of its existence, in fact, I didn't know that other servers or worlds existed at the time :rolleyes:, I only found out later when a person told me, explained me and gave me the link to get into Beta :). When I entered (the truth at the beginning), I thought: mmm, I don't understand anything :eek:. Don't worry, if you understand, I should just get to know a bit, besides, being honest my English isn't very good :( and I only put faces in the global chat, although I still do it but only sometimes in the guild chat. I like the guild a lot because I tend to ask a lot when I don't understand (this is independent of the language) :oops: and that usually happens to me more often than usual because I use the translator :rolleyes:, but luckily for me, they take some time for help me to understand and they've patience more than anything when I suddenly start writing them in Spanish :oops:, what I really do without bad intentions.

Well, for the moment, I think it's all, thanks for read and good game ^-^.
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Welcome Amie (Bienvenida Amie):
I'm Eugenio, but better known as Darth Eugene Vader or just DEV. I'm from Puerto Rico and like you love the game. Have been very busy in the International server (EN) and have cities in all worlds there plus here at Beta. Maybe sometime will adventure to one of the Spanish speaking servers. Any questions about the game (in English or Spanish) please feel free to ask me.


Hi! I'm Erica, or nhyx works too. I live in the US and I am 23. I play on beta and one other US server. I played Elvenar very briefly, but FoE is the first one I've played in depth on. i haven't been active on the forums yet, though I do watch you guys for updates and info :) hopefully you'll see more of me soon!


Thank you very much Eugenio and welcome to Beta ^-^

Welcome to Beta Erica! ^-^
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HI ALL I AM EMMA I play on EN and US occasionally. on Mount killmore on en i lead my own guild. i love helping people. i am from Scotland. I love to read and coding. i read the game rules for fun. I wont say my age sorry.
Welcome to beta Emma :)
(I'd literally forgotten this thread exists lol)
I am Sheherazade Queen of Persia and teller of 1001 tales (They helped me keep my head on) :D
I am about 400 years old Maybe more, the years kinda blur into each other once you pass the 200 marker.
Been Playing FoE for a little over 7 years, Did have a break of a few months due to a move to an area in the UK which at the time had no internet covering. So cancelled my original account down thinking i would not be back to the game. But ended up getting internet after just as few months. So came back as Sheherazade.
I did play Elvenar for a short time, but could not get into it. Also play Assassins Creed when I visit my son.
I live in UK and USA
I play on the US servers (E,N, and Birka). Plus Beta. I used to play in more worlds but have been cutting back as the game got busier. There was not even GvG when i first started, no AID button, No GBs to donate your guild dues for you and only 4 or 5 Events a year. But now.... Even with Dolores and Rosalie (my 2 racing camels) it is getting to much for them to get me round all my cities. So more of those world will probably go before long. E world, Birka (now in the process of becoming a diamond farm) and Beta I will definitely keep. I Also have Pasha as a pet, He is a Royal Cheetah and must have diamond studded collars which is why I never have enough of them for the game.
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  • What are your name? Eugene
  • Where do you live? (Country) Puerto Rico
  • How old are you? 50+
  • Have you played other games by InnoGames? Greopolis, a bit, long time ago.
  • Anything else? Love FOE.