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Introduce yourself


Ok! Lets have some fun, and be a bit social.
I would like to know you better, so here is some questions i would like you to answer!
  • What are your name?
  • Where do you live? (Country)
  • How old are you?
  • Have you played other games by InnoGames?
  • Anything else?

So i will start :)

My name is Joachim and i live in Denmark. I'm 14 years old and have played TribalWars for years.
Also i've played a bit Grepolis and i was in BHO beta, but lost the interest quite fast :/
I dont really have anything else to add right now :)

Now its your turn :)


Hey My Name is Matze 29 yer. old from Berlin i play also The West ; Grepolis German-World´s and Grepolis Beta at the moment we test the Hero World for Grepolis
in this sense have fun and play


Hello, it's my turn :p

My name is Marcin and I live in England since 2007.
I come from Poland and I'm 18 years old :p
Yeah, I was played in tribal wars then the west and grepolis.

Regards :)

Tirion Fordring


My name is Tirion. I am from the Dutch Grepolis & I used to play Tribalwars too so other dutchies might know me already. And I am very happy to be in beta & to be able to help on this game wich looks very fun.



My Name is Greg i live in Canada and i have play Grepolis and a lot of tribal wars :). i am looking forward 2 playing forge of empires about as much as a played tribal wars... so i will play this way 2 much :)!!!!!


Hello!! My name is Sara and I'm from sweden. I'm 21 years old, and i've played Tribalwars for about 3½ years now. I have tried all games that Innogames has made (i think), but I think this will be my favourite ^^

Archangel Snail

What are your name?
Where do you live? (Country)
How old are you?
Have you played other games by InnoGames?
Anything else?

Hey all, i guess i should post here...off-topic can be fun :D

Name: Ben

I live: In the U.K

Age: 20

Other InnoGames games played: Grepolis, The-West, TribalWars

Anything Else: Don't feel like sharing anymore :p

Black Hornet

My name is Dan,i'm from Romania,and i'm 25 years old soon (on 24 december).
I played tribal wars and grepolis,tryed an litlle lagoonia too.
Glad to be an little part of this big project and nice to meet you all.


Hi all!

My name's Gilian.
You can find me in Belgium, or more specific near Antwerp. I have played a lot of InnoGames games, but I like Tribalwars and Westwars the most. Let's find out if FOE can do better :cool:.

Anything else? It's my birthday today ;)


My Name is Leo, I'm from Austria (living in Vienna) - I'm 32 years old...
I'm playing tribal-wars for appr. 4 years now...
I think I'm gonna like this game, but one has to see how the single-campain & the PvP is gonna work out in the long run...

well thats it - of course Happy birthday Gilian!

P.S. also Happy birthday Dan! (well I know I'm 2 days early but then on the 24th the is some event coming up in my calendar :rolleyes: )
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Marcus the Mad

My name is Roel, I live in Belgium, West Flanders (@ dan gelukkige verjaardag van een keuterboerke ;) )
I am 20 years old.
I have tried the West and Grepolis the past year, as well as Bounty Hounds online for a brief moment (yeah I know it isn't exactly an innogame), but even after 4-5 ish years my heart still lies with Tribalwars...
Anything else... Just ask, most likely I'll answer.


Oh Haiiii
My name is Tom, i Live in the United Kingdom and generally differ between Leeds and Newcastle depending if im at uni or not :) I am also 19.
I have played a few games by Inno, mainly Tribalwars but also dabbled in The West and Grepolis, i am currently playing Lagoonia Beta alongside of this.
Anything else? I was going to answer that question.. Then i took an Arrow to the Knee.



Rubin(ho) here. 16 Years old. I'm from The Netherlands. Active on Grepolis, so I know Tirion :)

Have fun all! :p


What are your name? Fran :D

Where do you live? (Country) Argentina

How old are you? 15

Have you played other games by InnoGames?
testing at Hero & Warrior World :D I've played TW and i've tested lagoonia free beta (didnt like it)

Anything else?
I play piano and trumpet and also guitar. I love music


I'm Sam/Samulis and I live in the United States.

I presently play Tribalwars.net and have played Grepolis in the past. I currently am assistant administrator of the official Tribalwars.net blog.

In my free time, I compose music, make 3D models, and do everything a history nerd would do in his free time if he were to have any.

Glad to meet/greet all of you. :)