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Introduce yourself

Marcus the Mad

I wonder if there is actually someone still around that played this entire time...


Hello all, my name is Jason. I'm 31 and from the United States in Florida. I've played Tribal Wars for about 8 months now starting in the international world 57. Also played on the US servers for a bit, but didn't like it as much as the international servers. I tried getting into Grepolis, but I didn't play long enough to determine if I liked it or not. So far, FoE looks like an awesome game. I just want to see how they deal with Premium points. If it works like the other games where I can pay X dollars per month and get certain advantages, I'll love it. If you get to pay an unlimited amount of money for unlimited advantages, then the rich will always prevail and I won't be playing. That's the only unknown for now - otherwise it looks excellent!


Hi All finally getting round to this :D

Name: SpeedyD - Dave

Location: Currently Uk but known to roam the world when finances or tours permit

Age: Ancient by the looks of it

Innogames: Used to play Grepolis, dabble in The West, and certainly getting hooked to FoE, far more depth of game play and "brain ache" - thats a good thing! :cool:


Name - Rahat
Country - India
Age - 14
I have played "The West" For years!!!!!!!! :D
I have tried all games that Innogames has made & i am looking forward 2 playing forge of empires. I am currently playing it in Beta mode but i am impressed my the game. And now i have learnt the ropes to be great in here. Once the open Beta have been started i will try to be in the top place as i am in "The West". ;D


What is your name? Max

Where do you live? (Country) Austria

How old are you? 15

Have you played other games by InnoGames?
I palyed all games of Innogames, atm I play TW, Tribalwars and Forge of Empires

Anything else?
ähhmm no nothing more... :)


What are your name?
Where do you live? (Country)
How old are you?
jejeje many years
Have you played other games by InnoGames?
if, at all :)
Anything else?
do great this game is very interesting


Reading all your posts, I feel so old^^

What are your name? Marco
Where do you live? Hamburg/Germany
How old are you? 35
Have you played other games by InnoGames? Played The West a long time ago, tried Lagoonia, enjoyed Seven Lands and am playing Grepolis.
Anything else? No ma'am


What are your name? Alexander :)
Where do you live? Belgium, Close to antwerp, there are a lot of dutchman here, i like that :D
How old are you? 15 years old
Have you played other games by InnoGames?
I started by tribal, i was to addicted, so i stopped, than i played the west, almost from the beginning of the dutch servers (to weeks after that), and i play there on the beta also, and i have a few times played grepolis, but that's also to addicting, so i always stop with that :d, I play westwars, and played on the beta of lagoonia, wich I don't like at all....
FoA looks grate, but it is also verry addicting :p, but this game, is just great ! wel done :D
Anything else?


Name: Friends call me Julia. ;)
Residence: Best country in the world. (aka Canada)
Age: Damn, but those years slip by quickly, don't they?
Other games: Started with The West and played that off and on since 2009. Tried Tribal Wars but hated it. Tried Lagoonia but got hideously bored about 10 minutes in. Dabbled in Grepolis. :p
Anything else? I (heart) Castleville. hehe
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Inhouse Community Manager
Name: Richard
Residence: Currently the US, but usually the UK
Age: 24
Other Games: Tried Tribal Wars and sucked at it... Oh, and I just barely play Grepolis ;)


Name: Friends call me Jarpenguin
Residence: Not Canada
Other Games: I'm known by many as the best Grepolis player who has ever lived.


Hi everybody!!
My name is nube, I played WestWars, tribal wars, The-west, Grepolis, and lagoonia too(I think they are all) jijiji anyway am so glad to be here, and nice to meet you!


Name: Friends call me Jarpenguin
Residence: Not Canada
Other Games: I'm known by many as the best Grepolis player who has ever lived.
lololol njubcayek

I'm Skullyhoofd, a Dutch dude from Grepolis. I like Ponies.


Residence:Athens Greece and it seems i'm the only one so far
Other games:Grepolis but it was to expensive from one point and then to follow
Anything else:Looking forward for this game


My turn....;) (the winks work here woot woot!!!)
What are your name? - I go by Dom mostly, but some call me Domino
Where do you live? (Country) - Texas baby :D We are a part of the US, but with spice.
How old are you? - 39
Have you played other games by InnoGames? - What is InnoGames?
Anything else? - I am a die hard Florida Gators fan. If you know nothing else, that is the most important. I will smack talk on all other SEC in love, with the huge exception of 'Bama. I have played Tribal Wars, The West (briefly) Grepolis extensively, and recently Lagoonia.

I am not nearly as hilarious or delusional as this one though ;)
Name: Friends call me Jarpenguin
Residence: Not Canada
Other Games: I'm known by many as the best Grepolis player who has ever lived.
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Heyy Guys ~

My name is Lane
I live in Texas! (high-five dom) :p
I currently play Grepolis .en Worlds
Hmm..I can't really think of anything else..Feel free to ask!

Look forward to seeing this community and game grow. :)

~ Lane (Aider)


I don't know you...help!!!! I am being followed!!!
Did you guys get nailed by the tornadoes?


Haha. You know me! :p I'm Lane on the .en Forums. :D lmao

Umm. Nope. I live South of Dallas near Tyler so not quite..We did get a big storm though. ;)


lol...I know I know you ;) I was being ornery.
FYI, I am a she ;)