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Introduce yourself


Hello folks,

My name is Nils, I live in Holland and I'm 16 years old. This is the last year of my SGSE, and next year I'd like to attend the teacher training college (primary school). The job is interesting, but also the study: 90% of the students are women! :)

I've been playing Tribal Wars since I was 10 years old. One month ago I quit Tribal Wars because it took too much time, and the exams are very close: I've got to study. I got an account around 11-12 million points, so it was very hard to stop :$

I'd love to listen to music. House is my favorite. Examples: David Guetta, Afrojack, ...
I also love playing soccer, watch soccer. I'm even a youth-referee, and I train a team (those players are better than me..;)). Let's say: I haven't got any soccer-talent, so.. :)

Questions? Just ask me!

Kind regards,
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What are your name Mike(obviously)
Where do you live? UK in sunny MAnchester
How old are you 49 years young
Have you played other games by InnoGames- Tribal wars and Grepolis
Anything else- Aparently ive been labelled an experienced online gamer, dont know what that means but hey who cares. My ingame name in every game i play is Mike62 but someone nicked it in here.

Kev Porsche

Hello I am Kevin, I live in Belgium. I play FoE on the dutch version, just started on this one thanks to Pcsurgeon.

I hope to have a nice time here and find bugs ofcourse. :)
I think it's my turn ;)
  • What are your name ? Maxime
  • Where do you live ? (Country) France
  • How old are you ? 20 years
  • Have you played other games by InnoGames ? Grepolis, The West, Tribal Wars and Lagoonia
  • Anything else ? I think it's all


so i guess it's me next :p
what is your name? wendy
where do you live? belgium
how old are you? 25 years old
have you played other games by innogames? grepolis for a while but got tired of it pretty soon
anything else? well, as my name already says, i'm a dancer in heart and soul, but ever since i discovered foe over a year ago, i'm hooked on that as well!


My name is Clara and i live in Brazil. I'm 57 years old and I love Forge Of Empires.
I like to play only this game from InnoGames.
I dont really have anything else to add right now


Who am I? Arsaces.

Where am I? Wouldn't you like to know ;)

Other games? Used to play Tribal Wars and Grepolis. Did well in both. RL took over both times.


Hi, my name is Claudia and i'm a brasilian theacher. I have 43 years old and love FoE.



Whats your name? - Tanmay
Residence - India
Age - 18
Played any other innogames? yeah played all of them and quit all except FoE and Elvenar:eek:
Anything else?--been playing this game for almost 2 years(jan 2016), the best f2p browser game ive ever seen:D


Forgians and Forgiennes,

it is the 23rd of December that I introduce myself to you.

So I'm Drenyll and I'm 19 years old. I played at Forge Of Empire between 2013 and 2014 but it goes back and since that time a lot of things have changed on the game. Since August 16, I play at FoE France :) Since today, I play at FoE Bêta and am impressed by all the changes in the graphics. It's really very nice, I can not wait for all these changes to arrive on the French servers. For information, I'm looking for a french of an english guild ;)

I'm moderator on Tribal Wars 2 France and I'm passionate about games and empire management as well as computers, thrills, cars... I practice karate and I am a fan of DC Comics series and Marvel films.

Good game for you,


Hi, my name is Eugene. I'm from Puerto Rico. I have been playing FOE for 5+ years in the EN server (14 worlds/cities) and just 1 week on BETA.


Hiya Name is Steve and from Ireland .Have been playing FOE for about 4 years Mainly over on Hounds .Joined here for a new challenge for me in the game plus to see if any help with ideas, bugs and generally being a nuisance :p