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Feedback Halloween Event 2019

managed a full asylum easily enough, a bit of strategy with clearing webs makes that part easy enough, but only got 2 of the silver books and no gold.
I'll be doing this in my main live city as I'm willing to spend diamonds in that one and the asylum is too good to turn down, but too time consuming to do with any of the diamond mine worlds


Aside from the fully leveled building that is sitting in inventory, I was a bit discouraged that I wasn't able to get the Librarian reward because a silver and a gold book were elusive (yeah, I got multiples on the others that made these two look like a Spare that could not be hit in one go; bowling wise). Then again, I guess the majority was in that boat.

Will I play it on the live? Yep, to get the full building (who refuses a substantial attack %?) on the two cities as I will not expect on the "luck" thing for said Librarian reward. Also, I will wait until certain days come up where I can get some good rewards.
I was lucky and got all the books. But if you completed the questline and spent all your candy, you should have too. Needs looking at


I was lucky and got all the books. But if you completed the questline and spent all your candy, you should have too. Needs looking at
I was unable to complete the quest line, as I spent entire days jammed behind a high demand for buildings I didn't have the resources to build.


Sorry, i wasnt able to feedback something, because there was little technical problem with my forum-login.

I have one very critical point / problem with the halloween event, and a semi critical problem.

The very critical point is that there is no "safe way" to get all the 8 books for the additional book-reward. I got many books, but only seven different. So there wasnt a possibility to , no chance, to make the complete 8-books-run. I think it would be good if similar to the blueprints there would be a trading-option, so giving 2 two other books, getting another book (such as blueprints of great bulidings...).

The semi critical point is that the "system" of the halloween event is the same as the one of the archaelogical event. I think it is n t a good way, to have similar events. The archaelogical event was nice, but s a kind of boring, if the same "system" of event happens on another event.

But it is the old problem of Forge of Empire... to many events and the way to make all events similar and take off the "unique" kind of the different events.