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Feedback Halloween Event 2019


My conclusion for live:
Although the book quests now give some candy, I will most likely not bother doing any of them until I have collected a full set of books.... Also, on my main world, I will wait for the Dark Doorway to show up as a daily special... it is by far the most valuable DS my opinion.
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Had just i little more luck with my books, but overall the lower row of books seems too rare to show up.
Finished every book of the upper row at least 2 or 3 times and the pic shows what I got left.



How many of you got all books? I am still missing the gold book and no tools or candys left. maybe I can afford a small pack from the last quests.
I've got all books 2 times without using diamonds. The gold book was the first one I found.


well to get all books is just random, 5 or 6 in my guild got all 8 books, out of 60, thats 10%

and i did make all dark to light webs, so i missed not a single item
and i got almost to the 1st Upgrade, after the lvl 1 Asylum Grand Prize, i would say that is pretty far ( i even skipped 3-4 green vials to get a higher chance for the missing gold book)
without spending a single diamond, and of course i will not spend any, because the chance to get the last missing book is very low


well to get all books is just random, 5 or 6 in my guild got all 8 books, out of 60, thats 10%

if that were true, the chance that a book spawn would be a golden one would be about 0.5% - I doubt that - especially as I got three of them and only one silver twice - the rest of the commons about 5 times each.

I estimate the likelihoods of the books to be close to 18.5% for each of the common ones, 7.4% for each of the silver ones and 3.7% for the gold one.


well 2 of those who got all 8 books, got them twice, so its 8 out of 60 or something like that :)

for me its just not right, when you play the event well, you do not get all 8 books, even you get *only* an Avatar out of this library reward
and with the tools from this reward, i would just finish the 1st upgrade, and another WishingWell maybe


nearly finished event. still missing the golden book. the others i have up to 6 times right now.
finished some storylines two times, but didnt help.
at least you dont need these additional tools to finish the asylum.

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Hiep Lin

and i did make all dark to light webs, so i missed not a single item
This is a mistake: with 1 tool it is better to discover 3 or 4 boxes in front only one at the back.
I leave plenty of black boxes but I discover even more advancing.
I had all the books.


So um did anyone find a gold book I did all the other books have enough excess to them all like 3 more times but nada on the gold book

Outlaw Dread

Finished. last thoughts
1) Enjoyed the basic mini-game, and the Asylum is well worthwhile as an event building. Was able to get a level 9 with no diamond spend, but only by doing way too many book quests (for a measly 5 candies for each of the first 4 quests)
2) The Librarian quest overall was very frustrating. Despite logging in each day, and playing to avoid pumpkins and only go for 1 example of each type of book, never got 1 full set of books. The drop rate for silver and gold books is quite (too) low. Several guildies had the same problem, unable to even get 1 full set of books despite daily plays. I can see 1-2 persons having bad luck in a guild of 50 as reasonable, but not 11.
3) Rewards for books were poor, so avoided going for extra copies of books until the last 4 days (when I had pretty much given up on getting the final silver and gold book i needed). And then only did enough extra book quests to get candies for 1 more tool kit.
4) For me, pumpkins also gave very uninteresting rewards, so skipping them to focus on potions and some books will be the strategy when/if I play on live servers.
5) overall, an OK event, though overly time-consuming with all the book quests. If completing the Librarian quest could be made just a little bit less time consuming ( i.e. improve the drop rate for a full set of books) that would be a much more reasonable use of time to get extra tools, than doing really boring and repetitive books quests for only 5 candies a shot.
Or, as an alternative, slightly increase the amount of candies received for logging on each day, and for completing main and daily quests. Even 5 extra candies a day from each (10 more total per day) would probably be enough over the course of this long event.


Excluding the Books and Incidents it is possible to will allow you to buy 12 of the large packs and leave 230 Candies, That means 33 completed (First 4) book quests or incidents will be enough for a 13th large pack. More than enough for 220 potions needed to get one Asylum to maximum if played smartly and only going after pumpkins on a day when your preferred Daily Special appears.


Well, that was the crappiest experience I've had since I joined here on beta. I'm nowhere near a complete asylum, and left two or more books unfinished because the cost to my supplies was simply unsupportable.