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Feedback Halloween Event 2019


Cool mechanics with the book-questlines... reminds me vaguely of a suggestion I made before...

So technically people will get rewarded for exploring the library early on as they have more time left for solving (more of) the additional questlines...

Will the book quests also reward candies for each quest?
Will the special rewards like graveyard and dark doorway be rewards for the book questlines, as daily special or both? Or maybe even only as "librarian reward"?


Starting Sept. 12th ... ?
Maybe this needs adjusting, as it is now Sep. 18th

Already adjusted I see!
Adjusted the Start Date but it reads as if this Event will last for 16 days and not the 22 indicated by the daily Quests!

Which is it 16 days to the 3rd or 22 days until the 9th?


More elements great! Looking forward to this event.

I've always commented that the new buildings are beautifully drawn. I do have to ask about the final 5x5 residential building. It looks a lot like the Addams Family home. Being a fan of the cartoon, original tvshow, movies and series and everything Addams Family related I can tell you that the foundation that owns the copyright have no chill whatsoever. Did you all get permission to use the likeness?


the rewards for the book quest lines seem a bit underwhelming... especially the rewards for the single quests...

currently the only reason for me to do them would be the librarian reward


but why is there again so much population attached to that building and no happiness?
It is a really cool building from its production values - and that should come at a cost. Like other Halloween buildings this one could have negative happiness attached and no population - the way it is now, at least game starters can replace their regular residential buildings with this one....