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Special Buildings


Special buildings updated to FE. Took me a little more than 90 min to update this. I can't imagine how long I'll take to update this next age :(


Easter Buildings added. Note that currently all but the easter buildings' points are now incorrect due to the ranking recalculation.


Does shrine of inspiration gives completely random BP, or it is limited by buildings age? or player age?


Does shrine of inspiration gives completely random BP, or it is limited by buildings age? or player age?
I'm not sure, but I think it's like winning a random blueprint from a quest: the highest-age blueprint you can get would be the age you are in, and any GB/age below is possible.
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Thx for the info. the buildings are not very inspiring though are they.
Not as good as other special buildings, but I'd definitely consider the Foeberge Shop and Shrine of Inspiration better than normal buildings. (And all 4 useful until EMA)


I expected this event with excitement and I was disappointed enough.
We have taken away the only event that could interact with other players.
I hope will be rectified and the other servers we can enjoy the Easter event.


Everything is up-to-date now :)
- Ranking points updated (may have accidentally copied a building's stats to another building in the process, but let's hope everything is correct :D)
- Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Stone Awards added
- All "obtainable from" has been updated
- Featured order has been updated (on the first post in the spoiler)
- Titles are more consistent
- "Tomorrow" color changed to be a bit more legible
- Backend update to make finding/editing single values easier
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Don't you love it when I get the new buildings up already? :)

Btw, I think both residentials double their coins when motivated like the Shrines (as opposed to how the Oasis or Caravansary functions).
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