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Some statistics regarding buildings and their production.


-beach bar:3x2 ;supplies production;no-premium( bronze age: pop 12,production 42x1h:blacksmith 2x2 pop12,prod 32x1h)
-straw hut :2x2;house premium 4h
-palm tree : 1x1 ;decoration premium(bronze age 27 happy)
-sand..?.. :3x3 ;cultural building no-premium (bronze age 290happy:tavern 280happy)
-reward no summer:graveyard,confectionary,2ticket,1ticket,200 diamond,50 diamond,10fp,5fp,2 bluprint,1bluprint,portraits,supplie package,coin package,normals buildings and decorations,rogue hideout,military unit free,king,queen,tree of love,nutcracker,Well of welcom.
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straw hut: 640 coins for CA
palm tree: 74 happiness for InA
beach bar: 417 supplies (per hour) and 73 pop for InA
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H | Straw Hut | 2x2 | 800 coin per 4 hour | +127 population (IndA)
C | Sandcastle | 3x3 | 800 happiness (IndA)
S | Beach Bar | 3x2 | 417 supplies per 1 hour | -73 population (IndA)
D | Palm Tree | 1x1 | 74 happiness (IndA)


Updated the Bonus Constructions Table.

However, why a sandcastle needs to be connected to a road is beyond me. Back in the 1920's, when I was a kid, we used to build our sandcastles on the beach. Near the water. Not on the road. But hey, these are different times ;-P

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Well, you have to get to your sand castle. Even if it doesn't need to be connected by one, it should at least be near one in my opinon


Does anyone know any points per building for the progressive age yet?


There are still some issues with the points, I will update as soon as they are in their final status.


Updated the Progressive Era buildings with points per building and added some more special buildings to the "Other Constructions" table.


Do you think you will find out the different point amounts for the special buildings (for each age)?


That would require a lot of (underground)work, so unless Anwar shows some mercy, the answer has the tendancy of being "No." :p


Who can tell me please how many points each military building from Progressive Era gives for general ranking?


Conscription Office: 1251
Sniper Camp: 1130
Armored Car Factory: 1304
Tank Factory: 1358
Ordnance Factory: 1411

All courtesy from ForgeStats


great work.
Only the per square from electricity plant is 104,8
you calculated 30 squares in stead of 25. (which is correct when taking the complete footprint, but then that should be done for all buildings) :)
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Did you read the <> sign? It says that he adds the shortest side unto the building before calculating anything ;)