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Some statistics regarding buildings and their production.


You should be able to edit your own posts in the "recommended guide" section. Let me know if this is not the case.


Some new Premium buildings from LMA:

Premium apartment Manor
Size: 2x2
Pop: 336
Money: 600 in 8h
Cost: 300 diamonds

Premium production building Spice trader
Size: 3x3
Produces: 730 in 1h
Pop: 62
Cost: 500 Diamonds

Premium culture building Palace
Size: 4x4
Cost: 450 diamonds
Happiness: 2400

Premium decoration waterspout fountain
size: 1x1
Happiness: 100
Cost: 250 diamonds
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Updated the Statistics.
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Updated the numbers to version 0.18.

I made some errors in the goods table (the final additions), I will fix that later today.
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updated the stats to the current status, quite some balance changes took place with the recent game update!
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--- updated ---

I deleted the thread from the "Recommended Guides" section and put everything in here, I think this makes it easier to find and navigate.
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Updated to version 0.27.
Please note that Industrial Age houses require 3x2 space now, so I had to add 2 columns to be able to compare the revenues.


u could add:
rogue hideout:
2slots for free, the other slots:30 eggs/150 diamonds, 60 eggs/300diamonds and a 5th 100diamonds, if this is up to date.

And u could ask "Martynius" for more info, I searched a qoute:
Confectionary - 4x2 production building.
  • BA - requires 25 population, gives 84 Supplies per hour
  • IA - requires 46 Population (thanks to IFlip92), gives 200 Supplies per hour
  • EMA - requires 69 Population, gives 320 Supplies per hour (thanks to StygianOni)
  • HMA - requires 90 Population (thanks to NimaV), gives 490 Supplies per hour
  • LMA - requires 110 Population, gives 620 Supplies per hour
  • CA - requires 130 Population, gives 790 Supplies per hour


Tree of Love - 2x2 Decoration
  • BA - ??? Happiness
  • IA - 230 Happiness
  • EMA - 250 Happiness
  • HMA - 280 Happiness
  • LMA - 320 Happiness
  • CA - 370 Happiness

Nutcracker - 2x1 Decoration
  • BA: +100 Happiness
  • IA: +105 Happiness
  • EMA: +114 Happiness
  • HMA: +128 Happiness
  • LMA: +142 Happiness
  • CA: +167 Happiness
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where belongs the points to, u get from a rogue in a fight?

I fought against 1 spearfighter with 100% happines --> 90 points.
But my rogue got 6 bars damage and I only got 30 points, so 60 points less.

-> 1 lost bar of the rogue means 10 points lost.

the calculation of loosing points in battles is: "total Points of Unit"/2/10= points u loose for each bar.

so a rogue gives a total of 200 points in a battle.


Updated to reflect game version 0.30, mainly regarding building point changes.


Will you add great buildings too? Because I need information about the GB's of the progressive era sooo badly :eek: