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Some statistics regarding buildings and their production.


Disclaimer: Please note that since the game is a constant "work in progress", the numbers may change over time. The current numbers reflect the status of game version 1.11 from October 2013. Please don't nail me if you relied on my numbers and got it wrong ;-)

For a short explanation on how the grid system works, here's a pic that says more than words:

Now on with the stats :p





Deco and Roads:

Other constructions:

Have fun :)
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Nice easy to read work and very useful for planning future development good work :cool: :cool:


Thx man it will help in designing my guide i will surely give you credit :D


Added Goods Buildings to the first post as well as a pic that explains the grid system.
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This is some nice work HH cheers for the effort you put in. Rep added.


- added Premium Buildings as far as they are visible to me.
- added Decorations and Roads statistics.

If you can see more premium buildings, please post their numbers here, I'll update the tables then. I've only just arrived in Middle Age.


Premium Apartment Mansion
Pop: +240
Money: 340 in 4 hours
Size: 2x2
Cost: 350 Diamonds

Premium Decoration Gargoyle
Happiness: +90
Size: 1x1
Cost: 150 Diamonds

Premium culture building Printer
Happiness: +1200
Size: 3x3
Cost: 450 Diamonds
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Could you please add in which ages these builings become available? Thanks!


Bit more for you HH

Windmill 540 Supplies in an hour , 390 Pop , 500 Diamonds 3 x 4 , 30 secs build time (HMA) era - I think you'll find the Printer is also HMA era.

Paved Road 25 Happiness 10 diamonds. HMA


Thanks :)
The paved road was already visible in iron age though, it's on the list already.
Will update the others when I've collected enough data - I'm on a slow line, so uploading pix is always a PITA :p


Windmill 540 Supplies in an hour , 390 Pop , 500 Diamonds 3 x 4 HMA
Are you sure about those numbers? Seems a bad deal to me compared to the others, 390 pop used up, and only 45 supplies per hour and square??


Thanks for the great table!
Would be nice if you could add columns in Houses&Supplies about "Production when citizens are Delighted!" (Productivity increase by 20%)


Hans this is really good. Thanks for all your effort. I would like to move this over to Recommended guides. Let me know if you are still working on this, or if all final touches have been added already. Great job!


I'm still working on this because I haven't collected all premium buildings yet. Unless of course I have rights to edit in that other section, then feel free to move it.