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One Down Kit

Would a "One Down Kit" be a valuable reward for your guild?

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 53.8%
  • No

    Votes: 12 46.2%

  • Total voters
The One Down Kit would function as the opposite of the One Up Kit - it lowers the age of a single event or special building by one era.
The primary reward in GBG is the SOH, which provides guild goods. The problem is, these goods are of the same age as the player's town hall. As a result of this mechanic, many guild treasuries are poor in lower eras, and have a massive surplus of goods from later (VF+) eras, where developed players predominate.

A 'One Down Kit' would help a guild be more strategic about its guild goods. It would also provide a valued reward that many advanced players would be happy to receive, but one which does not make them in any way more powerful. It helps guilds find a balance.
A 'One Down Kit' would only work on buildings that a 'One Up Kit' does. This is a well-understood mechanic that is already established as low risk.
The one risk to balance would be for GVG, where a guild could 'specialize' in an era. If all the members of a guild worked together, they could potentially have hundreds of SOH for one era. This would be a huge advantage for GVG (this would of course be visible to other guilds to see, and they could choose to counter as they see fit).

For GBG, guilds will be able to strategize their event buildings & SOH for certain ages where goods are typically hard to come by (Industrial, ME). This is much preferable to the current approach, where guilds sometimes exclude lower age members to avoid the goods headache. It doesn't change the amount of goods a guild gets - it helps them find a balance.
Abuse Prevention
As it is similar in function to the well-used One Up Kit, I don't see any potential for abuse.
A One Down Kit would be an innovative and valuable reward that does not make players more powerful, but does let them get greater value out of their existing rewards, by helping them to achieve balance in their guild treasury.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Yes, I read through the submitted ideas and did not find this suggestion




Yeah, it's been suggested quite often. I repeat (as I have for similar suggestions before) that I would find it useful for Champion's Retreats mostly.
Yes, I read through the submitted ideas and did not find this suggestion
It has been suggested multiple times, maybe with different justifications than the ones you used. Many before GBG was introduced. Most of the times suggested to be able to downgrade the Champions Retreat to be able to produce Champions of certain lower era again. Other times as you suggest to be able to balance the Guilds Treasury. Like Umbrator I favor the proposal, but sadly it is likely to end at the Archive.