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New Idea Increase the challenge at Side Quests, at least once per Era.

Do you agree with this idea proposed?

  • Yes, raise game challenge a bit.

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • No, leave side quests as they are.

    Votes: 10 52.6%

  • Total voters
Current: Most of the quests at the game are just menial boring everyday tasks, no real challenge after a while in the game. Some asks for things that the player does not really needs or be aligned to the Player's strategy and ends as resources wasting in build or doing things to get demolished after the quest is done. Quest reward does little to compensate resources invested. Examples:
  • Build N houses (Really I have thousands or millions of extra population at the moment).
  • Raise Happiness by X (My Happiness level is over 1200 and have XX,XXX or more extra from Alcatraz and others.)
  • Spend Y FPs (Yeah, take that Y FP Swap thread, or finish unlocking that Research, 3 seconds work and done, No challenge).
  • Defeat X units.
  • more examples can be mentioned.
Very few quests do really require the Player to think how to solve it and set an strategy to get it done. At the most, the greater side quests challenge is to hold the Player until city collection time to complete a Collect X coins or y supplies, not a mind challenging tasks.

Proposed: Increase challenge level of one Side Quest per Era, that really put the Player to think how to complete the requirement. Three of the current quests that stands out from the menial, easy, every day tasks mentioned earlier are listed below:

  • Industrial Age Era: A Real Challenge :
    • Rinbin: Your Grace! Are you up for a real challenge? Well, I am. Let's play a game - I bet you can't do this!
    • Have exactly 1997 population available.
  • Modern Era: A New Challenge:
    • Rinbin: Your Grace! I have another challenge for you, so you don't get bored!
    • Have exactly 6750 population available.
  • There is another by Fernicus the Architect that requires to have exactly 0 population available. was looking for it but could not find it.
New or edited side quests to increase challenge level does not have to be always related to population, but to bring another task other than simply collect x of this resource, spend y of that resource.

As all Side Quests, these new/edited quests to be abortable.
To increase challenge level, at least once per Era, and Player satisfaction.
See above at Proposed.
Requirements of quest must be balanced by era.
Abuse Prevention
No abuse issues detected.
To insert at each Age (just to new ages? or also edit current requirements at one side quest at Eras already released) new Side Quests (abortable) that raise the challenge to the Player and require more mind / strategy effort that simply wait to city collection to complete the spend or pay X of this resource or complete N battles without losing.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Yes, not find any duplicates or similar ides. DSNSL reviewed, no conflicts here.
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Note: Industrial Era and Modern Era have already a challenging quest, not need to add/edit another Side Quest at those eras to fullfill this Proposal implementation. To evaluate increase challenge level at other Eras, and at new Eras to come.
that are quests from the time before people had cities full with event buildings and great buildings at a huge level
Totally agree, a Side Quest to reduce my current extra population (SAAB City EN04) from XXX,XXX or Y,YYY,YYY people to just 6750 or 0 would get an automatic Abort with no attempt to try that. But I remember the joyfull feeling to complete those challenging quests in vs the boring / same as usual : spend 50 or 100 FPS, Win 13 battles without losing, gather X coins or build 2 houses of your current age or 3 of the previous era. Bring in some mind challenging, puzzle like tasks.
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How about something (long term) challenges like this:

Have less than 10-30% of your total population available
Have 90% or more of your total population available
Dispose/spend/use 1-10% of your available supplies/coins
Dispose/spend/use X amount supplies/coins (age dependent)
Win or successfully negotiate 100x, 250x, 500x, 1.000x without losing / failing in between (could be new achievement)
Complete GE lvl1 within [insert challenge time here]
Complete all event quests for 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 events (could be new achievement)
Complete 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 cultural settlements within golden time without failing in between (could be new achievement too)

Now the ultra mega brutal, the one barely anyone dares to bother with:
Complete Mughal Empire settlement (with gold time 10x without failing in between)
Reward: purple achievement & 1 voucher for any GB (fills GBs active lvl up on activation and unlocks 1 extra lvl)*

*It's not a new item, for compensation Inno had given out 3 vouchers for Zeus, Achen and CdM which up on
activation completes the active lvl and adds 1 extra GB lvl of the GB. It was given out to compensate as those
GBs where nerfed for PvP rebalance. From 50% lvl10 to 30% for each GB.


Complete 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 cultural settlements within golden time without failing in between (could be new achievement too)
Could be:
Vikings - Cold Rush (word joke from gold rush and rush as an reference to speed running)
Japanese - Golden Age (an prospect age or age in which an culture peak, I guess this settlement was put in such stage)
Egypt - Gold Rush (couldn't really think of something edgy for this but gold rush refers to the golden time and rushing the settlement)
Aztecs- Aztec gold (Pirates of the Caribbean reference to cap. Barbarossa of the first movie, cursed Aztec gold treasure)
Mughal - Golden Hour (reference to the sunset and golden hour setting of the settlement)

The names could be for challenging long term optional quests. Requesting to completing the
5 tiers of their respectful challenge. Though I think the Mughal's Golden Hour achievement
and completion of the special challenge will be the rarest, If the dev. team doesn't rework it
similarly how Vikings was reworked and significantly been improved in terms of playability
and fun.

I think something like an off-grid building containing the various challenges, proposed by
@Darrth Eugene Vader3 could be contained. I think rewarding succesvol challengers with
achievements to showing off would be interesting. I agreed with @Darrth Eugene Vader3
that some challenges as mentioned in the opening post are welcome. As long they're
optional, in my opinion.
So you want quests you can abort changed to harder quests that you can still abort. That should work really well.
Yers, I want a harder Side Quest per era, one more challenging / difficult one. If the Player is up to the challenge then take it, if not to abort it. Not proposing a road block that the Player cant or wont do and cant abort it either. No change to the abortable option all Side Quests have.


Yers, I want a harder Side Quest per era, one more challenging / difficult one. If the Player is up to the challenge then take it, if not to abort it. Not proposing a road block that the Player cant or wont do and cant abort it either. No change to the abortable option all Side Quests have.
Seems a bit selfish. You want a challenge, so everybody should get that challenge. Players that now do all quests are forced to abort a quest and give up the reward, cause you want to be challenged.

Can't you just start a Sudoku, or something else you deem challenging?


Proposals to make the game easier are DNSL.
And now "No" to proposals to make the game a bit more difficult?
Why not? Proposals should be intended to make the game better for everyone, not just you. Not my problem if you are bore, but I will change my vote if the result weill be you coming up with less proposals.
You seems to be good with the boring, same as usual status quo, that is fine.
However, others like the challenging / strategic side of the game, and think that side needs improvement.
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You better look at the number of votes.
I have seen them, at this moment: 7 YES, 9 NO.
My idea is gaining support, not too far from 50%/50%. Yesterday was way back.

To all others:
Please evaluate the idea, check the points/opinions in favor and against, and cast your vote. Thanks.

EDIT: Now at 9 vs 9 votes. 50%/50%
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