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Feedback Guild Battlegrounds


sorry for y english at first . and maybe this question already done .
can we can imagine battleground multi world in futur or we will stay like this?
we have not so much platinum in my world and each time we fight against them its butcher ^^
evolution possible or not?


Battlegrounds are offset by 1 week on beta vs live. If you were in an inactive guild on beta and just signed it up for next round today and compared that to live it'd look like an 'extra week' (but is just the current round still in progress).


thanks xiv. I was inactive, but thought I had signed up. I guess the extra week in between rounds change was wishful thinking on my part.


at the end of this time there is still no battle logs ???????
there are many problems in the guild because we have no information on who attacks where they shouldn't....


Json screenshots can help show the last few hits done by a "rogue player. A very imperfect solution when many are hitting many tiles. The top leagues become much more difficult Uberhelp than you are use too... Trolling here is also not cool... It would be nice to have officers seeing what those screenshots show without having to do it themselves...


compared to the live servers the drop rates in guild battleground are very low, please revert it
regards Aerendil


If any of my guild mates are too small to participate in GBG they should not be listed in "Memeber Activity" with 0 participation...



need to ask, but as long as the GBG-Ground is a ruin (so I suppose research isn't done), they can't participate. so why list them in the member activity?
On one of my diamond worlds, I can confirm that I don't have Military Tactics open and I show up as a zero participator on the GbG list and I do get the rewards at the end.


The biggest lie of foe turns out that if a guild reaches 1000 MMR already through many battlefields that win it does not give it prestige. Summing up that a guild that plays cannot be TOP because there is 1º in the battlefields. Do not say that a guild gains prestige. Because it's a lie, only guilds that don't play or don't reach 1,000 MMR gain prestige.


I see building costs may vary considerably.
Which are the factors affecting which and how many goods will be required for a building to be placed?