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Feedback Event Hub Feedback

Is there a way to opt out of a particular event if a member does not wish to play that event?
Sure, just ignore it and don't play it.

Events don't affect anything in your city directly, except incidents that give event currency and daily challenges where one of your options might be event related.
I no longer actively play any of the Events. but simply look at what they offer. If the New building is something I think will help my game I will make the effort to get it. But otherwise I look at what it offers for a daily special. If I want it I try for it. If not it is ignored.


Pretty big bummer that it turns out to be this. Was hoping for a significant improvement
for how events where held. Like with each event we could visit a foreign town that is
making itself ready for the upcoming event. Something similar to the cultural settlements.
With the already existing minigames integrated, for a unique finishing touch for each
event as it's now.
Would've resolved the madness on dedicating city space to black smiths for those tedious
produce X times a production of Y time. It would also making the games main events
standing out more compared to the competition. Was actually hoping/thinking that something
like this would've been coming out but pretty big bummer that such hollow functionality
has been given to it. If you ask me, a huge missed opportunity, even if a fantastic ''new''
booster would be introduced
Sure, just ignore it and don't play it.

Events don't affect anything in your city directly, except incidents that give event currency and daily challenges where one of your options might be event related.
Glad the big annoying blue arrow pointing to the event button is not longer used. That I would call affecting the gameplay if choosing to not do the event.


No matter how cool the hub might look, or what the functionality brings, if it's off-screen where no one (by which I mean me) will see it then it's useless.
I have a 1920x1080 screen, I run the browser full screen, and the hub is not visible. At all. The only reminder is on the rare occasions that my mouse happens to hover at that exact spot on the left hand edge and I get the tooltip telling me that it's there.
At least make it visible to us without needing to scroll.


Last but not least, the Soccer Cup 2021 will be the first event to have its own dedicated spot in the Event Hub's pier. Also, by completing all the quests in the Soccer Cup event your city will be granted a huge boost of 150% supplies production for 5 days! However, please keep in mind that these boosts will only be activated in your city after the Soccer Cup event is finished!
5 Days LOL, no more comments needed.

To be attractive, this boost should be active during the entire interval between this event and the next.

Owl II

I don't understand the logic of placing rewards for milestones. The event kiosk opens on the pier after 22 quests. And the bonus (let's not talk about what kind of bonus it is) will be issued only after the event ends. Maybe it is more correct to place a kiosk in the rewards for the last quest?

Owl II

In my opinion, the original elements of the pier should somehow differ from those that are issued for the events. It took me a while to find the new kiosk on the pier


Did someone ask for this? No

Do we need that? No
Actually, I've asked for it a couple of times.

Having a no space area that gives boosts based on completing events is slightly more useful to me than 4 or 5 events a year that I complete but don't bother to place since they don't mesh with my playstyle.


The hub should be a reward either for completing the main questline (before the dailies) or the full questline. I am not very happy with it taking the place of a milestone reward, rather than an upgrade or event currency. I assue that Inno has solved that by increasing the event currency you gain in other ways, or decreased the amount needed, or made it easier to get the number of upgrades needed after replacing that milestone reward, but I would appreciate confirmation of that. In the last few events (spring especially) I found that it has become significantly harder to complete the main event building.


I know that after trying to get through the quests several times during the live events (more than one world), I tend to relax and do little to nothing in the following week other friends I speak to do the same.
This seems like a poor attempt to try and keep players from doing something similar. A 150% will not do it for me, even the free sandcastle is not interesting any more.


Seeing a bug... when I first log on and cluck the event hub. this happens prnt.sc/121oww5 Ill close out of the hub and re-open, than all the words appear