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Feedback Changes to Road costs in Vikings and Feudal Japan

Hiep Lin

The vikings were broken from the very beginning. The necessity to demolish roads, build runestones, demolish runestones and rebuild roads was a pain in the ass, that's totally true. I cannot imagine how anybody could actually enjoy doing it with 20 road tiles and risking demolishing e.g. a shrine due to misclick, many times in one settlement. So, the IG is right about it.
I never played like that, I finished viking settlements easily ...
Nah dude the way they want you to progress through the settlement is :

-Find an optimal layout for goods/coin production
-Gather enough goods to unlock next upgrade
- Destroy all your goods / coin buildings to go full diplo and be able to unlock the upgrade.
- Build everything again ( because f*** all of us I guess)
You forgot most important:

- buy ridiculously prized diamond expansions that will be deleted in 5 days
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I have never worried about finishing the settlements in any "chest time" ... I am ok with just getting more levels on the Ygg tree. But if the coins become a problem, I will stop playing settlements


risking demolishing e.g. a shrine due to misclick
You still have to confirm that you want to demolish it, for roads you don't need to confrim it.
The problem is, they don't see the real issue, namely the settlements are not balanced, especially vikings. They didn't ask the most important question: why the players are doing such annoying things? The answer is: because they have to. If your settlement is running perfectly, but you lack over 100 diplo points to unlock a building, it menas the diplo requirement is too high (or the diplo buildings provide too little diplo points). If the only option to win the golden chest is to have a lucky layout of impediments and be lucky with quadruple productions, and you cannot compensate bad luck with your skills, you cannot call it challenging. It's just a gamble.
Agreed but they made it much worst for Vikings and making Japansese settlement wich was
kinda fun IMO less fun with this ''sollution.''


I haven't had to start a settlement yet but even with a daily allowance and a little more in the beginning, just getting started up is going to hard. And the fact that both Japanese and Viking cost the same when the Japanese shrines have about 2x the output?!! Why not at least make it proportional.
I'm not even thinking about rebuilding, just getting started is going to be enough to turn people off.


Something else I just noticed, and not sure if it is mentioned, but ......
you get ZERO back if you sell the roads,
how crap is that, plus no warning when you do sell them, ...
It was a rude shock to be half way through a Japan, only to find I had spent all of my gold building roads, that I had NO IDEA that now had a cost to do so..
No warning, thank you for that..


Something else I just noticed, and not sure if it is mentioned, but ......
you get ZERO back if you sell the roads,
how crap is that, plus no warning when you do sell them, ...
It was a rude shock to be half way through a Japan, only to find I had spent all of my gold building roads, that I had NO IDEA that now had a cost to do so..
No warning, thank you for that..
No initial warning for those in Japan or Vikings is not good. However I wouldn't want a warning message every time I sell a road.


For Vikings, I was often forced to sell roads to progress. For Japan, I do so more for convenience than necessity. So I expect a significant impact to getting Vikings done on time but not much impact to get Japan done on time. Don't care about the time reward for Vikings so I'm not that concerned about the change overall.


How come lets say farming which is a huge exploit for points has not been corrected? Upsets MANY players as really it is cheating... many ideas like stopping the original guild from retaking the tile until another guild took it, or you have to wait 24 hours to retake a tile have been proposed.. People have spoken on it for ages. No one I know of ever complained about the roads.. Yet you feel to fix road costs because it is upsetting us to be able to delete them?? huh?


Suggestion if you are going to make us pay for the roads, instead of using the settlement resources, how about using our town resources just like the 1x1 toro


I just read the announcement to this thread. Actually, if people remove streets temporarily in order to increase their diplomacy they do so because it is necessary and not because they want to "unbalance" the game. If you don't want this increase the diplomacy available from the diplomacy buildings. Anyway, you used the old worn-down argument of "balance" of the game again. This is not an argument at all, it's an evasion. Please be honest for once and admit that your one and only reason is that you want the players to buy more diamonds!
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Also just a note for the people who who are upset with this strategy of deleting roads to build decos to fulfill the diplomacy requirements, you can still do it by deleting buildings (yes, you have to wait for them to rebuild, but the larger point still holds). So this ridiculous "solution" is not even a solution, and it's a pretend-solution to a problem that doesn't exist.


This change just makes the settlement "grind" just that much worse. While I can concede the potential abuse point many players, myself included, remove roads to make re-arranging the settlement much easier. If you plan this then add the reconstruction tool to settlements so we don't need space to shuffle buildings around.


well that is totaly crap
i play from first day almost all day on pc and exept that you need to make battle for have work on your cultural building
must pay for army and ofc for road
a question for that make the new egyptian settlement
did you have play that?
that i need answer me

Dan 77

In Feudal Japan settlement I don't need to build diplomacy buildings instead of roads so often - in Viking settlement I do because the requirements of diplomacy are higher. Viking settlements are also harder for the reason that there is no merchant and Viking buildings produce lower amount of coins per space. The higher cost of expansions, stranger size of buildings and shorter time limits in Feudal Japan settlement simply don't balance it enough so the Viking settlement is much harder. And now you implement roads' cost for both settlements equally.


I hoped with the restart of the Egyptian setllement you had at the very least reduced the costs for the streets. Unfortunately you haven't. You very obviously don't listen to the players.


If you absolutely must force the players to play under this utterly insane idea, can you please put a confirmation window in for deleting road segments?! That would be highly irritating, but slightly less highly irritating than having to carefully click around everything if trying to sell something to avoid accidentally deleting a road segment, which are now essentially premium buildings?.