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Feedback Changes to Road costs in Vikings and Feudal Japan


The cultural cost for roads is incredibly high : for Feudal Japan it is 200 per square of road, nearly 1 hour of production of the Shinto shrine...
Considering how often we build and destroy roads when reorganising our cultural settlements, expect complaints !
Wait what? The added culture cost to the roads of the other settlements as well?


200 Coins for building a single road....that just tooooo expensive. How are we supposed to reorganize city? With new buildings being unlocked, you need to constantly adjust the city. For casual players who already run out of settlement coins, this is just going to make it that much more difficult. 50 Coins is reasonable, not fair, but I can live with that. People who are already in between settlement, this is just not fair.
seems they did.
i hope they also adjusted the timeframes accordingly as this is a whole new tactical / timing dimension / consideration / constraint.
Exactly. It is now already tough to get settlements done in the given time frame. So it would be than fair to adjust this. Thanks!!
But anyway, I find it ridiculous for streets to pay with the Settlement currency. o_O
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Why charge for roads? If you are going to charge a ridiculous price for them, you should at least add time for rewards at end. To get it you need to your settlement lean and with obstacles, this is going to make play much longer. The choice will be goods or roads.
Roads need to be moved as house change sizes. Changing roads is often the only way to play. If nothing else up what shrines etc pay to compensate for road. In vikings. 2 pieces or road cost almost 8 hours in a shrine!
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king leorix

It looks like the blow this one, they did not think about the huge cost of the road. I don't understant, what was the reason to put a cost on the road? And a huge one too.
So, low rewards..and huge costs..I think that not too many players will do this Settlement.

The actual event is week and boring, this Settlement is week and costs too much, they blow two in road, I wander what comes next?


How is it that when they do something new it is always combined with something destrucitive? This time it's the cost for roads in the settlements. It seems FoE is intent on annoying the players. Are there too many? I think the street building mode should be restored to how it formerly was. That would only be fair to the players.


I think thats very unfair. Sure i can rearrange always my roads, but thats not userfriendly. If you want to do this, than give us the tool of rearranging (reconstruction) that we have for our town. Than i can stomach that I have to pay for the roads. For the rest... why everything else costs money or supply, but this only ingame currency? Than give us expansions for this too.


Rewriting the rules of the game while it is already in process is unethical. The developers only provide a daily allowance (400) to build two road spaces(@200) per day, seems like it hasn't been tested much before opening on Beta. Are players currently doing a settlement given a one time (rule change) allowance and how many are given at the start of a settlement (since players cannot generate road building currency until a second building is unlocked)? Have settlement currency production rates been increased, along with the added burden of paying for roads?