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Feedback Castle System


I hope is this does not end up like the arena which few play,
GvG where some bugs are years old,
GBG where every active guild is diamond causing mass imbalances,
Or the event hub which does nothing except eat up prime shoreline
Was a new building really needed...when each of the above already needs attention?
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It sounds interesting, but as with everyone else, I would have to voice my feedback as well. I hardly do GBG, GVG, or even PVP (should have changed the name, since it's mostly bots I've been getting, to PVE Arena instead) unless I run out of fights with neighbors or GE and a quest calls for such. Some improvements are needed in order for me to find them useful.
It sounds interesting, but i agree with what others have already said. There is so many things that need fixing or improving in the game, rather fix it before adding to it. Pvp arena ? tried it for a week and will never bother with it again. GVG not worth the cost, How about upgrading the tavern and giving other things to buy or do with it...it's become a boring blot on the landscape.


Overall, players can be divided into 2 categories:
- occasional players;
- regular players.
As much the first Inno target them so that they pass in the second category, nothing is done for the seconds.
With a regular connection, it is easy to overflow with Tavern Coins, Gold, Goods, Resources, Antique Coins.

The regular player encounters bots more often in the arena, makes a hundred fights per day in automatic in GVG, completes the EG every week, has finished all the colonies, does endless events, ...

Bottom line: regular players, including regular diamond buyers, don't want more things, more new things. They want those in place to be improved or corrected.
They want more playing comfort, not more unnecessary facilities.

Inno made their mouth water with the sprint, making us think they were interested in our opinion. But it is a pity to note that few of the most popular suggestions were retained. And when this is the case, the implementation has been totally botched (I take as proof the new presentation of the market which, except for one line, we do not see 2 complete ages.

It makes you wonder if there are still players at Inno who realize their mistakes.
There are so many simple and quickly adaptable solutions that would make our game more enjoyable instead of implementing new features that will be too quickly abandoned.

In a management game, all "money" must be difficult to obtain or have a very strong incentive to be spent regularly.
When we are overwhelmed with everything, it is because the systems already in place have been botched.

Inno, please listen to your players, stop inventing badly thought-out crap and make existing features more enjoyable.


So, it's almost 9am on the 21st of July over in Germany and no castle. Must be invisible to be noticed. LOL.

Sorry, I am just going to weeble wobble my old self to bed now as it's almost 2am local.


So, it's almost 9am on the 21st of July over in Germany and no castle. Must be invisible to be noticed. LOL.

Sorry, I am just going to weeble wobble my old self to bed now as it's almost 2am local.
most likely AFTER the update

and that is most likely after 11am german time (in 2 hours)


so here the rewards (level 15)

+45% attack and defense when attacking
+45% attack and defense when defending
+15% dealer coins when selling
+20% gems when selling
(and more. just saw that is has a scroll down bar)

40 FP, 50 goods, 25 previous era goods
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Kind of underwhelming rewards for level 15, will just be every player after a while. Not sure who wanted the extra dealer slots?? I like the jester picture though.

Also for the devs, please put how to get points for castel system. It was in the announcement but it's not in game.


fighting: start with 30 for first and goes down in steps of 2 when doing more (+30, +28, ...)
negotations: same

daily challenge: +100
the 7 challenges done reward (which gives also the challengers chest): +700

daily castle points chest: +10 (first day, increasing)

antiques dealer: shown in the shop

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