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Recent content by Sibel

  1. Feedback Your suggestion for our Community Sprint (version 1.209)

    I do not like the change to the market at all, because it means a lot more clicking and scrolling when placing offers. There is no need for the eras as headers, you can see the eras when hovering the mouse over the goods.
  2. Discussion serious help required, injustice in my server.

    What CrashBoom wrote is absolutely correct. The problem is, that running against windmills for years (!!!) is really frustrating, in especial in cases where you know for sure, that you are right, or if you even forwarded the relevant programs ... and nothing ever happens ... I know several...
  3. how to do 1400 battles in . . .

    From my point of view, InnoGames should finally takes measures against those autoklickers. There exist programs swapping troops, or fighting automatically (incl. recognizing 2 waves, collecting rewards). Others do the Unbirthday Party quest automatically. Instead of checking manually, they rely...
  4. Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 24th May

    No, I think "within the same league" is correct. Sorting on basis of the same amount of LP will result in predictable groups.
  5. Road to Victory

    I think they are automatically locked, but you can remove the lock manually, and then sell them. And yes, they are too big for what they give as bonus.
  6. Discussion Have we all given up on beta?

    I think it is not only Beta where people gave up, or at least feel like running against windmills. And announcements like The rewards of the Flying Island have been slightly improved being published March 31, and not April 1, contribute to this feeling, in especial if no comments from the...
  7. Fixed on Beta: The map does not "remember" in GB

    This "loss of memory" refers to manual fights only, or to all fights/negotiations (where you have the map in the background all the time)?
  8. Feedback Space Age Venus (SAV)

    Would be a good chance to add "GvG" goods to the treasury as additional bonus, even if the owner of the FI is in a higher era. The Arcs and Observatories of those players being in GvG-eras usually are lower, thus even if a guild does no GvG there are problems with the earlier era goods.
  9. Feedback Your suggestion for our Community Sprint (version 1.209)

    Creating offers via App: Keep the era of the offer and request. It is annoying to place several offers from more than 2 eras before your current era.
  10. Discussion Have we all given up on beta?

    I do not think so. The prices are fixed (even with the level of your guild), and when selling, you get a fixed percentage of the price back. So, no profit is possible. There used to be a quest with inhabitants which could be solved by building and removing an IE goods production building, but...
  11. Discussion Have we all given up on beta?

    Double payment of FPs for example. Still happening. Unattached flags at GbG which should be gone (at least I think this problem still exists). Problems when changing GvG maps.
  12. recurring quest slowdown aftermath

    Would be nice to know. Is it possible that the "great new code" for "bot detection" that lead to the (removed) delay was just a counter for (done and/or aborted) quests? At least this is what I read between the lines. Is this the "oath of disclosure" (I hope this is the correct English...
  13. Fixed on Beta: The game jumps to the next exploration site after a fight in SAV

    Same problem on live servers with SA:AB when you do manual fights at the PC (reported and "in progress").
  14. Not A Bug: Wrong preview of % for the next level FI&ToR

    Seems to be correct. Then the preview when hovering over the next level, should be removed because it seems to be confusing.