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Welcome to the Beta Lottery !!

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Welcome to Beta's very own weekly Lottery!

We are starting a weekly lottery drawing here on Beta, and here is how it is going to work.

  • Each player can enter once each week. If you enter more than once only your first entry will be accepted.
  • If a player wins, they must skip the following weeks drawing. They can then join again after skipping the week following their win. No player will be allowed to win the jackpot 2 weeks in a row.
  • Players can choose the same number as another player, but if that number wins they will split the jackpot.
  • Do not post replies or comments in each weeks Lottery thread. It is only for your entry number. Each thread will link to a central lottery discussion thread for replies or feedback.
  • The jackpot will start with 200 diamonds. Each week that no one wins the jackpot I will increase it by 200 diamonds up to a maximum of 1000 diamonds. Once the jackpot hits 1000 diamonds it will remain at that amount until someone wins it, then it will reset to 200 diamonds again.
  • On occasion, I may add an additional special reward to the jackpot when it is won, but you will never know when, or what it may be, until someone wins it, and you can't win if you don't enter.
  • The number range is now 1 to 70, so choose your lucky number and enter soon!
  • Each week's entries will be started in a new thread. I will post the new weeks thread right after I post the winning number screenshot for the prior week.
  • The drawing will be on Saturday evenings as close to midnight as I can do it. However, as life can sometimes get in the way there will be some variation in the time. Entries will be accepted up to the time I close the thread and post the winning number. Then the new weeks thread will be posted and you can enter immediately.
  • You can post any comments or feedback here.

The winning number will be chosen from a random number generator site that you can find here, and I will post a screenshot of the generated number each week. Here is an example screenshot:

WE 04.08.PNG

Please be aware that InnoGames has no affiliation with this website and is in no way endorsing it's use. It is simply the one I chose to use for this lottery.

As with all of our contests, all Forum Rules apply.

Decisions by the Beta staff are final.

The first thread will be posted shortly.

Thanks everyone, and we wish you the best of luck :)

Team Beta

P.S. - We reserve the right to change the way the lottery works. Please keep in mind that as this is a new concept for Beta it may require some refinement after we see how the initial few weeks go. If we do change anything we will, of course, announce it before starting the next weeks drawing.
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