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Feedback Visual Changes - Offgrid Buildings


sory but INNO is realy messing up lately new PVP is a not thaught through idea wich looks eaven more rushed then GBG was and these new designs why move tavern it was fine where it was and like others said why place those buildings all at same place ? there is plenty of water around the city


GE ship for example makes no sense in SAAB era. Why would we be travelling in a 150+ year old ship?
I actually LOVE that. I don't like any of the futuristic era looks and a large part of my town looks like an old city (combination of event buildings and such). So I really like these changes.

why place those buildings all at same place ?

Just covenient having them all closer together, of course. I think it looks great.


As the saying goes: Dont Fix what a'int broken.

And mostly all of this stuff was not broken, at least the design of them and the location as well for most of the buildings.

As the expedition building go, knowing innogames i can only assume, that a building needed for this, when we have a button, is because something else is in the making, and the button down at the menu will be used for something else in the future.

Apart from that, i am with the others, i like the look, and the location as it is now.


Now that everything is moved to the top will we be getting more expansion slots on that side of the map? We are running out of possible slots


Expanding the grid
That was my thought but wasnt going to post it
I was enjoying the whine and moan fest
Yup, you hit the nail on the head. They can't put new ages out without the ability to add expansions as well, so hopefully this means more ages coming soon. Also really like the idea of putting all these portals together.

Needs more than just visual change to GE though; it needs rewards revamped. Power creep has rendered the rewards obsolete. Before the inevitable objection that I'm wanting more reward for the same work, I'm not suggesting they do that. I'm suggesting that they add level 5.

Or, here's a fun idea for GE now that they have the ship icon. What if when you go to do level 4 (or level 5 if that ever happens), the ship gives you options if which level to do the same as the Settlement Ship lets you choose Cultural Settlements, largely based on the different options for Event Building grand prize top levels? If you choose the "Earth Path" the backdrop is a forest and the rewards are very goods-heavy. If you go the "Water Path" the backdrop is oceanic and lots of FP. If you go the "Fire Path" it looks like Mustafar from Star Wars and gives you military rewards.
I think the middle ages tavern looks great, awesome job! I thought these buildings were too large before relative to the size of other buildings, that helps a lot in that regard


I think simplicity in User Interface is a key of any game... not many gaming companies understand that or master that...
There is no need in all those ship, buildings, ports, towers, etc outside of our city space in order to enter a certain game feature...
I think making a simple , clever and easily acceseble HUD would be a better use of INNO games resources...


le bâtiment EG à côté du bâtiment "champs de bataille de guilde" n'est pas esthétique

l'ensemble est en désordre, les bâtiments sont trop proches les uns des autres et ils devraient être évolutifs avec l'âge du joueur

the EG building next to the "guild battlefields" building is not aesthetic

the whole is in a mess, the buildings are too close to each other and they should be scalable with the age of the player
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There has been some great additions and genuine improvements to the game. Like the Aid button, and also GBs that donate your guild dues (goods) to the guild treasury on your behalf. And making Hoods more age specific. I think the AD is good and also the Settlements. But I think the game is no longer trying to be different or innovative. It seems to be heading in the direction of countless other fast paced, build a pretty city, hit a couple of buttons and get the latest dooda games. All the trashy updates are doing now is making the game boring. I want a game where I have to think and reason things out. Where I have to pit my abilities and experience against others. Where I can be a member of a guild where people come together to work and fight and discuss strategies, help newbies to learn the game, and have fun. Not just sit in silence clicking buttons which is where the game seems to be heading.


I think the harbour for the guild expedition was unnecessary. Everyone has known for years how to reach the GE. The bay with two big harbours (the big one for the settlement was also not really necessary) looks very cramped now. And it looks especially cramped because the tavern and the antiques dealer were moved closer to the bay. Then there are the battleground entrance and the new PvP tower - so there are way too many buildings way too close together, and some of them are, as I said, unnecessary. It would be better if the off-grid buildings, as you call them, were spread evenly across the map. There's enough room to do that.

I guess the next thing you'll attempt is to move the harbours for the promethium ship and the orichalcium submarine to the same bay too, even if you have to put them on top of each other.


the whole is in a mess, the buildings are too close to each other and they should be scalable with the age of the player
I disagree. I would actually love it, if, once we reach an era, we can choose the look of the buildings for ourselves?
I hate all the futuristic looking stuff and I would love to be able to just 'downgrade' the look of the tavern to an era that I like better (nothing higher than in what era you currently are of course; only equal or lower).

I think the harbour for the guild expedition was unnecessary. Everyone has known for years how to reach the GE.
Well, maybe that's going to change in the (near) future. I doubt they'd do this for no reason.
Chances are; the button is going away.

I guess the next thing you'll attempt is to move the harbours for the promethium ship and the orichalcium submarine to the same bay too, even if you have to put them on top of each other.
Honestly, I wish they were on the world map or something. I really dislike the look of those ugly huge things.


In HMA the ship for GE looks pretty nice. Maybe a little bit too big, but nice. I like it.


It looks messy, can it be more away from each other? I like the designs, but not the very close combination.


why is there a harbor and a langskip if they both lead you to setelment ?
@ Dudettas still no answer on this ? both the harbor and the langskip lead to setelment why ? is this intended behavior or am i missing somthing or is this a bug and 1 of the 2 is suposed to go to an other location will harbor replace langskip why ?just so many questions about this are poping in my head what are INNO doing whith all these changes where is game headed ?
this is a complete mess they are trying to hard to push to many things in to the game in to litle time at same time this is realy becoming rediculous
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As far as I know, it is intended that both the Harbor and the Ship/Langskip/Yakatabune lead to the Settlements. I'll let you know if I hear anything different.


About the "GE" button in the menu, if GE now have a physical location, why not replace that button by a "Great buildings" button, such as the one we have on the mobile app?