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Stackable Units!

Seems like we will finally be getting stackable units!

Come speculate with us in the discussion thread!

Update 20/03 (MooingCat): Created thread.

Seems like we'll finally be getting stackable units! According to @Juber this is something that has been worked on in the past, he believes it was back in 2018 or 2020, but was put on hold. The image for the "stacked units" setting has been available in the game for a while:

We have some new developments today though, which suggest it is finally time for this to be added to the game! This piece of code has been added to create some text above the unit images:

     _addStackLabel: function() {
            if (this._isStackedUnitsEnabled && null != this._data && this._data.get_isStack()) {
                var a = this._data
                  , b = a instanceof o$ ? a : null;
                2 > b.count || (a = G.createArialTextfield(16777209, !0, 13),
                a.set_text(9999 > b.count ? "x" + b.count : "x" + ha.numberFormat(b.count, 0)),
                b = new cb((a.get_width() | 0) + 3,(a.get_textHeight() | 0) + 3,!0,0),
                this._appendToBitmap(this._iconStage, b, 5, this._icon.height - b.height + 5, !0))

I've made a mockup of how I think it might look based on that, but colors, size, and placement will probably be different:

So seems like if you enable the "stacked units" setting, your units will finally be stacked! My main question is how it will work with damaged units, but as of now I don't see any sign of that addressed in the cache anywhere. Hopefully you can still view damaged units without having to disable the setting.

Come speculate with us in the discussion thread!
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