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Update Speedup of Early Eras test


Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

Starting today we are testing something new, never seen at Forge of Empires before:
We are going to speed up the early ages!
If you play Elvenar and follow the development there, this might sound familiar. There we have already tested and apply such a change.
However we first want to test this change with a limited amount of players to see, if it has the desired result. You can find more about this way of testing in this announcement.

So, what are we actually changing?
To summarize it: A lot! Almost every aspect of the early eras is affected. All changes are applied to the Iron Age up to the Colonial Age.

FeatureWhat has been changed
  • required Forge Points and resources have been reduced
  • unlockable features have been moved further along in to the research tree, however as your progress is more rapid you actually unlock after an equivalent number of hours play time in the game as you would have previously
  • cost for all and construction time for most buildings have been reduced
  • production times, produced amount and provided population and happiness remain the same
Campaign Map
  • scouting time and cost have been reduced
  • required goods for sectors have been reduced
  • armies in sectors have been adjusted to make the fights easier
  • infiltration cost has been reduced
  • rewards remain the same
  • completely new (and shorter) main storyline
  • all side quests from Iron Age up to the Colonial Age have been removed
  • no changes to recurring quests

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know! We await your feedback here! Please remember that feedback based on it being an AB Test will not be forwarded. We are only looking for feedback regarding the applied changes.

Your Forge of Empires Team


Community Manager
Dear Beta Players,
Here you can find a list of most currently known issues:
BugInfoaffectsFixed with update on
there are currently no reported issues

We will continue to update this list, when issues are fixed or new ones are reported. If you notice, that a bug is missing from here, please report it in the bugs section! Don't report them in the Feedback Thread, as then it will take longer to fix them.


Community Manager
Dear Kings and Queens,

After a thorough review and analysis of the changes we introduced to speed up the early ages in Forge of Empires, we have decided to revert these modifications. This decision comes as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure an optimal gaming experience for all our players.

What Happens Next?
  • The change is effective since yesterday. To ensure a smooth transition for affected players, we have adjusted their progress accordingly.
  • Players who were in the test group got automatically advanced to the next age (no resources were deduced).
  • For those who find themselves advanced an age due to these adjustments and wish to revert to their previous standing, our Customer service team is on standby to assist with a manual rollback on a case-by-case basis.
We understand that changes in gameplay can significantly impact your gaming experience, and we are here to support you through this transition. While this initiative was intended to enhance the early game experience, we acknowledge the need to reassess our approach based on the feedback and outcomes observed.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we strive to make Forge of Empires the best experience for all our players.

Your Forge of Empires Team