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[READ ME] Beta Language Policy

Amy Steele

Greetings Beta!

The language policy of all of our English speaking servers which include:

zz.forgeofempires.com (Beta)
en.forgeofempires.com (International)
us.forgeofempires.com (United States)

is that players are required to use English in the game. However, we recognize that as the only public test server, beta is in a unique situation. We have testers from many different countries all helping in the effort to test the game. We realize many testers prefer to be in a guild where their own language is understood and widely spoken. However, we do need a common language to be able to communicate effectively about the game. So, we have decided to allow guilds to be non-English speaking if they choose to be here on Beta ONLY, with the following conditions:
  • You must include an English translation in your guild profiles

  • You must use English on the main Beta Forum (this one). In your guild forum, you may use another language.

  • Please make every effort to use English in the Global Chat and when contacting support. A short universal phrase followed by a translation is allowed. You are also allowed to post exclusively the English translation of your messages in the Global Chat.

  • In guild chat, whisper and while messaging another player you may use another language.

  • Be mindful of all other rules at all times.
Thank you for your time, and for your efforts in testing the game. We hope this allows you to be able to communicate more comfortably on this server.

Thank you for your continued efforts testing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team Beta