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Discussion Opinion on troops grouped according to health


With the change implemented today, troops are grouped according to health in the Army Management screen. This also occurs when you are selecting your troops for a battle.
Its barely tolerable in the army management screen but I consider it horrible in the selection screen. When you have 2 or more types of troops and want to replace one type, with some of them damaged, they are spread over the grid rather than being together. Used to be able to just click on the first and keep clicking til they were gone. Now they have to be individually selected.

This is especially an issue in lower levels where you often select your army depending on composition of the opposing army. New layout slows down changes a LOT
Basic army management

Combat Management
Basic army management

If I wanted to remove my Anti Aircraft vehicles, I used to just select the first and make 2 quick clicks, now I have to click, move, click again. it gets worse if you have more changes you want to make.

I'm wondering what other players think of the new format. Personally, I hate it.
I quite like it. At the beginning I had to search a bit for the right unit, but it*s going faster now.
Before this change I had to scroll quite a bit for healthy agents after dozens of fights. That is much faster now. But now it is really necessary to limit it to one age. Wenn you show all ages it just confusing. But I can live with that.
But I would prefer the old system in the selected army and the new one for the not-selected one.


Yea, I can live with the new format in the main troop list but REALLY prefer the old way when managing my current army. I'm still in CA and have to change troops often. Takes a lot longer to swap troops from selected army now.
Funny that the battle results are still the old format.


I think it's great.

If I want just one unit/age type, I set the age which is sticky. Then each time I can click on the unit type and have that unit there with attached, stack, unattached stack, then individual wounded units - least to worst. Or just use 100% healthy units.

But what's really nice is that the wounded units are out of the way and I can include different units easily either by age or by type. I can also easily switch unit type based on the enemy types within an age.


I kind of liked the new format, but was hoping on a few things that will come on such:

• There should be a tab called "wounded" or "injured" by itself to house injured/wounded units in battle that we remove from formation. Wounded/injured units should not be shown in the main units window, this gives us time to select new/healthy units without having the injured pushing away the healthy ones we want that we had to click on the unit of choice to get the healthy units. Wounded/Injured units should be shown if we clicked on a certain type. We can call this "In the hospital/repair shop".

• I liked the old system where the defending (city) units were in their own formation area as opposed to attacking units. It's getting to be a pain and a chore in trying to avoid clicking on the blue defenders when I want to select fresh units, so we need someplace to showcase them so they won't be in our way when we choose units we want. Then again, I guess I could take them off defense and let someone deal with two spearmen instead while I battle, either by neighborhood (if it tickles my fancy), GE, or GBg, LOL.

• Preset formations would be nice to have. In a game I used to play, we would have up to three saved formations of space vessels that can be pulled up with a click of a button, and whatever we have in stock is being used. In this game, if I have a formation of one Hover Tank and seven Rogues at 100% saved up, I should be able to call upon that formation each time I click on said button. The game will automatically search for 100% units and replace as needed. Those that are not 100% will give a notice saying the unit is not available and it will be at the player's discretion if they wanted to use wounded/injured units instead, or heal them with diamonds. This will also give EVERYONE an edge against those who supposedly cheat with a bot or script since they will be replacing units at a better speed than just clicking each one (browser) or dragging each one (mobile).


Just another example of how you give with your right hand while withdrawing with your left hand, obviously always taking more than you give.


I really like this new ordering of the troops. I don't want the damaged ones, I do want the healthy ones.

I know when stacking was first introduced a lot of people said they wanted the damaged ones to go to the end, and I was one of them. Much better like this, so I can easily get to the healthy troops.


I agree with the initial commenter. It is much harder to load and manage my army and really slows me down. Can't the sort be selectable? Unit then damage or damage then unit? Maybe a checkbox to implement. I'm a software engineer and the selection implementation shouldn't be too big a deal.
I typically fight with three non-rogues and five rogues. I continue to fight until I have one lightly damaged non-rouge and one heavily damaged non-rogue and then reload. The new sort makes it much harder to determine when I have to reload and locate the damaged units. I really don't like the change.


If they really wanted to improve army management make removal from view of damaged units from the selection list optional. Then I wouldn't mind using the stacking option.


If they put the Rougues first in the army slot, the problem would be solved! Now it is impossible to choose them among the armies!!!
Many thanks to FoE for making the game more and more complicated for us....‍


Just wait until GbG and your fights per minute decrease, then we'll see who still likes it. Your scan time is doubled having to look back and forth to see what needs to be replaced and what can stay.

Wrong, fights are way way way faster now, lot faster.
Also You can sit with all units tab opened and You can make combos of Jupiter with Titan, even venus dragons and flying units.

And is zero impediment the modification factor of injured units on the selected units, i'd say is much better now to have units injured at the end, no more mouse movement while removing injured units and selecting newer ones.

Great QoL update so far!