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Feature Oceanic Future Part 4

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Retired Community Manager

Dear Queens and Kings,

Oceans are vast. We know a lot about them already, but there is even more still to learn.Let's advance our knowledge!

As the new fleet approaches the glimpse of a familiar logo sends a shiver down your spine. Why are they here?

We would like to present to you the fourth part of the Oceanic Future! As you may have expected, your quest for orichalcum and the domination in the underwater world will continue. Your skilled crew will collect it for you! And speaking of crew: you will get a couple more people to choose from :).

We hope you will enjoy it! Read on to learn more :).

With this fourth part of the Oceanic Future we are giving you:
  • 30 main story line quests
  • 10 side quests
  • 1 new Oceanic Terminal level
  • 2 new crew members
  • 4 expansions (victory and premium expansion has been already available)
  • 8 new technologies to research
  • 2 new residential buildings
  • 1 new production building
  • 1 military building with a new unit
  • 1 new culture building
  • 2 new decorations
  • 1 new Great Building
  • 9 campaign map provinces containing 46 sectors.
  • 3 new player avatars

As you already know, the underwater journey is no joke and it requires a skilled crew to be successful! Depending on your choices, the submarine health, orichalcum volume and journey time, will change.
With this new extension to the Oceanic Future, two potential crew members will join the pool:

- Academics teach other crew members, increasing their experience gain per journey.
- Seekers are good in finding things. They will provide you with a random additional resource.

The Kraken
The Kraken is a new Great Building that comes with a new skill: First Strike.
At the start of the next several fights, there is a chance a unit from the enemy's defense army will be killed immediately. This only applies to the first wave of a battle.
On top of the First Strike skill, The Kraken will also produce medals.

Nautilus is a new ranged unit that uses the "Force Field" skill.
It reduces all damage taken by 2, up to a minimum of 1.

Let us know what you think about this fourth part of our oceanic journey. We're looking forward to your feedback! :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Forge of Empires Team - Team Beta

P.S. - The new content will be available on mobile as well, but parts of it may not work correctly until the next release of the mobile app.

P.P.S. - All active account have been credited 1000 diamonds.