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New FP buy dialogue


this modification may be "pretty" but what is it not practical!
the "coins" and "diamonds" buttons are too close
why not put "diamonds" at the top of the image and "coins" below for example? or having put 9 picture boxes instead of 6?
on the other hand now, we can see that the more pf you buy with coins, the more expensive the pf
The only reason I use this page is for event task to buy FP or to use FP packets to pay for tech.

An input field would be the simplest solution with the three options; coin, diamond or packet. AND allow purchased FP to go over the 10 limit.


I like the idea of buy 10 FPs instead of only 1, specially because we can not buy FPs as fast as we can due a delay the game has when we buy 1 fp. a delay of 0.5 seconds or something like that.
Between the 3, which one to choose? The choice is tough. I'm really afraid of being wrong.

Sir Danetti

much interessed is new info: FP/hour
f.e now we have 1FP/hour
it will be increased? by what new GB? new event object? :D


Glad I checked this post since I don't often buy fps - except for quests.
I do have the new screen and like others I'd like to see the coin purchase separated from the diamond purchase.
I'm guessing the Inno support staff will come to that conclusion very quickly with all the requests they will get for corrections. LOL

And I second the suggestion to allow more than 10 at a time in the bar.


I was just coming to post about this and I don't like this change at all. The diamond buttons are too close to the coin buttons and it's too easy to click on them instead.

Why not open up the window and give us three rows?

Buy 1 FP CoinsBuy 5 FP CoinsBuy 10 FP Coins
Buy 1 FP DiamondsBuy 5 FP DiamondsBuy 10 FP Diamonds
Use 2 FPUse 5 FPUse 10 FP


Spoiler Poster
not available yet -.- when it will be released on live servers? :/
it already is - as mentioned many times before!!!

If the question was intended to be: "When will it will be available for everyone on the live servers?" - When the A/B test is over and Inno deems the function worthy of implementation...

As of now, there seem to be one or two bugs still with it...


- please remove the buy limit of 10 FP and increase to 100 just as with collection limit (so 10 FP can be bought, even when there are 10 FP in the bar)
yes please. YEEEESSSSSS please

- please remove the FP packages from this screen (who uses these from this screen ever since the free entry fields were added to the tech and GB) - instead the top row could be used to buy with diamonds and the bottom row for buying with coins - that way the buttons are not as close to one another
Please no, I really like those buttons

Deleted User - 86968

I agree that the restriction of only being able to buy FP until the bar reaches 10 is annoying. Makes it quite tedious to buy in bulk, with the loading delays between purchases and then all the clicking involved to actually spend it. Even buying 10 at a time it's practically one click per FP in order to get it out of your bar again afterward. While I'd prefer just not having a limit to how many FP can be in the bar at once and no restrictions on buying FP (Elvenar does both of these), I can see that this isn't the direction they want to go with the mechanic here so I think @Vic.Vicious's suggestion is a good compromise, and it might even coax a few more people into paying for :forgeplus:!
We need to re-visit this and change the limit to the amount you can fill the counter too. So it should be either 100 or 1000 with the subscription.
Should be higher than that. With all the event buildings giving 30FP or more with addons, BG doubling FP, the temple giving +20% FP, GB's giving 100FP daily, a person whose been playing as little as a year could be collecting 1000FP daily. I already am. I could collect 100+ FP from my pirates hideout alone. I have to stop my collection MULTIPLE times to clear my bar and keep collecting. It's extremely annoying.

It sucks the most when you get an event task to buy FP and you can't because your bar is over 10.

Whats the abuse going to be? This is our FP we would have gotten regardless.


The major issue is that the game is a strategy game. Right now converting fp is not a good strategy. One can only click so many times a day. We cannot be limited to this degree when it comes to resources earned. The reason we have text input on gbs now is the same reason we need this to be reworked. The current setup is not relative to today's gameplay.