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Spoiler new boosts for buildings?


first (reading the wildlife event thread): yeah maybe I spend diamonds for the pass to get those buildings with a new boost
then (in this thread): I don't even want that bonus for free

and technically those boosts aren't even new
could just be 2 icons for the bar on the right side when having activated them in the tavern :p


Spoiler Poster
and technically those boosts aren't even new
that is why I said new "for buildings"

I don't even want that bonus for free
I could live with a bit of recruitment boost - my guild is not quite there yet to have alca at less than 16 hours...
could just be 2 icons for the bar on the right side when having activated them in the tavern
nope - those are in a different category/folder...

Maybe additional castle system levels. Not sure though but the art style is highly similar to the castle system’s buffs.
possible but unlikely considering that castle just got additional levels...

the images above are most likely for the boost overview in the town hall - but why would they add those now - especially as for both of those boosts there currently only are 2 sources to get them (tavern and guild)


Spoiler Poster
here is an actually new boost:
- Boost FP


so it seems, it only was for the tavern then...
the FP boost has not shown up yet though...

I think they got rid of it from the tavern(there is Something similar in FoE plus), I imagine that fps boost just reduced with x% the time for an forge points to appear in the bar, 10% from 60 minutes, meant 54 minutes for one forge point, I can't imagine anything else.
Now they might have moved it for the coming back Guild Perks.
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Well, also don't forget that the tavern boost is one 30 second ad per 1 hour of the 4 hour boost! The only way you wouldn't have ads is if you've spent money on game! But I figured that Wildlife league pass building ended up getting dropped because it's in another game that Inno has with buildings that offer a feature but expire! However could you imagine the chaos that would happen with the limited buildings? I mean it seems straight forward but then again so does many things but I just know that if they had a building with a special short term boost while the majority would use their eyes to read that effects last x amount of time...There's be just enough people who despite using their eyes, the message brain would receive would be "DOES NOT COMPUTE" And I think they ended up just not because it would have just caused a bunch of problems! But I was wondering with the whole tavern thing if we will ever get other boosts, as it's kind of boring how it's the same thing only! But anyways I appreciate everything you do for us Beezlebob! Big Thank You and also it's very much appreciated! Cheers Happy 4th of July!