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Fixed on Beta: Forge Point productions are not restarted after collecting with diamonds

Ever since the 100 FP bar limit was raised, there seems to be an issue when you collect all using 5 diamonds and your bar currently has over 100 FPs on it.

Yesterday I had over 400 FP on my bar and it allowed me to collect everything using 5 diamonds. However, I then selected restarting my productions for 24 hours and it reset my Sleigh Builders but it did not reset my Sunken Treasures or my Cider Mill. I had to start those collections manually.
Browser or operating system and version number
1.192.8dcfec0344a (15.11.2020 20:08), LordVaderIII (175471), zz1, en_US, WEB 7,1,1,0, Windows 10, Firefox/82.0, 1920x1037, OpenGL Vendor=Mozilla Version=WebGL 2.0 Renderer=Mozilla GLSL=WebGL GLSL ES 3.00 (512 MB VRAM)
Recreation steps
Make sure you have over 100 FPs on your FP bar and then try collecting your buildings using 5 diamonds. Choose to reset your productions that you collected FPs from and it will not reset those productions.
This has happened a few times now when I have collected with a full FP bar.
Can this be reproduced?


Ever since the 100 FP bar limit was raised
it wasn't raised (at least not intentionally)
but that bug should be fixed today

  • We fixed an issue where it was possible to keep collecting Forge Points through "collect all" button, even if your bar was already showing more than 100 FP.
so next time you shouldn't be able to collect any FP with 100 or more FP in your bar