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New Idea Ascent/decline system for BG

What do you preferr?

  • LP system

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • Ascent/decline system

    Votes: 6 60.0%

  • Total voters
A lot of people are unhappy with the LP system to make BG, because it allows big guilds vs little guilds, making the BG a boring feature.
The trouble is in the LP points you get when you win a BG. You get 175 points to win a platinum league, that is no match, because the guilds participating in doesnt make so much. So, with this points, you get the 1000LP to fight against the strongest. In this BG, you cant do anything and you end in the last position, declining to platinum league. Again, you win easily and get 175LP, and again, you have to fight against the strongest... and this is the "loop".
My sugestion is to create a system of ascent/decline with a pyramidal system. Only 1 top dyamond league, where the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th decline to 2 dyamond normal league, where only 1st and 2nd ascent to top dyamond league.
So: 1 top dyamond; 2 normal dyamond; 4 top platinum; 8 normal platinum; 16 top gold; 32 normal gold... and continue until you have all the active guilds.
All camps are of 8 guilds, but maybe gold leagues can be 6 guilds or less.
To avoid liitle guilds to fight against strongest guilds.
To have more balanced BG
Create a league system with ascent/decline for the position you end in a BG
It will recover the fun on BG
Abuse Prevention
No abuse possible
One thing that can be changed is to only allow the 1st to ascent and 7th/8th to decline.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
I have readed a lot of suggestions about BG, but no one like this.


instead of 15+ diamond leagues there will only be 3
(in my main world there are more than 120 diamond guilds)

So: 1 top dyamond; 2 normal dyamond; 4 top platinum; 8 normal platinum; 16 top gold; 32 normal gold... and continue until you have all the active guilds.
would be more like
1 the gods of all guilds diamond league, 2 super diamond guilds, 4 normal diamond guilds, 8 lucky to be in lowest diamond league guilds
You can have all the diamond leagues you want: Diamon top, Diamond A, Diamond B...
The idea is to let the stronguest fight between them and create BG more balanced.


I like the idea
but being in a higher league must be rewarding
you can't expect easier opponent in lower diamond but still getting the same rewards as the ones who are fighting only the hard opponents

so highest league would give the 10 FP randomly
one (and two depends on how many diamond levels) below it would only be 9 FP. not so good league and opponents. so less rewards
and the lowest one (or 2) diamond league levels then 8 FP

platinum the upper half: 7 FP as now
bottom half of platinum: only 6 FP

gold gives 5 as now or 4
silver always 3 and copper the 2 FP
Of course, the highest league got the better prizes. The prizes of the two Diamond A leagues, should be a little lower than the top diamond league, to encourage people to be in the top league

Hiep Lin

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