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Welcome to Discussions!

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Discussions forum! Over here, you're free to discuss anything and everything about the game, be it general chat and banter, opinions, tips and tricks or even rant out ;). Please remember to be respectful of other's opinions and beliefs. Do remember that everything has to pertain to the game, as we do have an Off-Topic section for other things. For the benefit of everyone, please try to post relevant content in the appropriate place, i.e., Ideas/Wishes/Suggestions go here, questions are best asked here and feedback of all sorts goes here. Please do not discuss spoilers here as some people might not appreciate it, instead, do so here. Most importantly, all bugs have a dedicated section here. Apart from all this, the forum rules hold good.

Happy Forging!
The Forge of Empires Beta Team
Not open for further replies.