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Want Doubloons? Play this Shell Game

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Fire Witch

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Ahoy there, matey!

I'm a fearsome buccaneer, with a sharp cutlass and a keen eye for treasure. Ye best be careful if ye cross me path, lest ye be sent to Davy Jones' locker.

I've sailed across the Caribbean, plundering ships and searching for gold. I've faced fierce storms and battled with other pirates for booty. I've seen the beauty of the ocean and the horrors of the deep. But aye, being a pirate isn't all swashbuckling and adventure. There be moments of loneliness and doubt, when the sea is calm and the winds are still. But I'll always keep me chin up and me eye on the horizon, for there's always a new adventure just over the next wave.

Arrrr, me apologies if I be rambling on too much, matey. Sometimes this pirate gets carried away with me stories.

..! Ye look like a fine contender for a round of the ol' shell game. Let's play if you dare!

Here be the rules:

I'll place a small amount of doubloons underneath each set of three of these nine cups. Then I'll shuffle the cups around, and ye must guess which ones the doubloons are under. If ye guess correctly, ye win!
So how many coins can ye win, eh?
That depends on how many of ye choose the right cups. If more of ye get lucky, the price will be split between ye.
What happens if nobody gets it right ye ask? I'll be merciful and grant the price to those, who guessed the first two cups (1,2 or 3 and A,B or C) correctly, understood?
Of course, ye may only guess once. More guesses will be ignored.
The total amount of Doubloons to win is 300!

The game ends on May, 11th at 11:59 PM Server Time!

But beware, matey, for I'm a crafty pirate and I've been known to use sleight of hand and other tricks to keep me treasure safe. Ye must keep a sharp eye and stay focused to win against me.


I choose: 2,B,Y

If ye be up for the challenge, let's begin. I'll place the doubloons under these cups and shuffle them around.

Can ye guess which ones the coins are under?
Choose wisely, for me treasure is at stake!
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