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The Damage Calculator


For the past month or so, I decided to get back to calculating damages on units. I already knew it was just ratios and whatnot, but it seems that the spots between each change were not really easy numbers that I could simply say or give hence:

How it works:
Hopefully, this is pretty straightforward, but I guess I'll make this more of a guide.

First off, the only numbers you can edit are the ones without the diagonal stripes on it. If you want to get rid of these diagonal bars, go to "View" and uncheck protected ranges (they still will be un-editable, but it does make it look more smooth ;)).

Description for each cell:
(That's me)Defense stats of the unitAttack stats of the opposing unit
Base stat (without any GB boost)The basic "Defense" statThe basic "Attack" stat
Bonuses not affected by GB boosts (from Units, Terrain, Dugout, Chivalry, etc.)Defense Bonuses (like trees, bushes, and unit bonus)Attack Bonuses (like rocks, hills, and unit bonus)
GB BonusJust put the defense GB bonus you see at the bottom barJust put the attack GB bonus you see at the bottom bar
(nothing here)HP of unitPut how much hitpoints your unit has. If you put 10, the unit has 10/10 HP or is full health
(nothing here)How much Damage will you take?Starts with "Not a Scratch!" (which is 1-1 Damage) then goes to 1-2 Damage, 1-3, 1-4, 2-4, ..., and finally "One Hit Kill" (or 10-10 Damage)
You cannot add the base and other bonus together with a GB boost. The Other Bonuses are NEVER affected by the boost. Note that hovering over a unit on the bottom bar will give you the defense with the GB boost, so I would just put that value and set the GB bonus to zero (you still need to add the other unit/terrain bonuses ;)). Chivalry and Call of Duty is also automatically added to the defense stat at the bottom bar.
If you don't already have basic Excel experience, you can make a cell add values for you by first putting an equal sign "=" then put in the equation you want (ex: you can put "=26+25" for the unit/terrain defense of a Rapid Fire Cannon with a dugout bonus against a heavy unit)

Let's say I started this battle:
I already know that most of my (unboosted) units can get hurt from a full-powered longbow, but I want to test how much damage a battle tank will take from it just in case, so I enter this data:

Defense of your unitAttack of opponent's unit
Unit/Terrain Bonus407
GB Bonus0%0%
HP of unit:10HP
How much damage will you take?(1-2 Damage should appear here)

*Longbow's attack known from hovering over it at the bottom bar (note that if there is a 100% GB bonus, the attack will show 48, so you can input 48 into attack and 0% into GB bonus). An armored car has a 25 defense bonus against ranged units and a 15 bonus on the plains, so I can input "=25+15" if I don't want to add the two numbers beforehand.

You'll see that there is a chance at putting some damage on that car (1-3 damage). Now, let's see how much it'll take to make longbow just put a dent against that car, so I put 9 under HP of unit and going down one-by-one until I notice that at 4, the message will change to 1-1 damage.

What doesn't work... yet:
- Since these ratios are not obvious, I do not have the exact spots where 1-1 changes to 1-2 or on any changes in the intervals, so there are a few times where you might get "1-1 or 1-2". I'm still checking almost everyday to see if I can lower the gap between these unknowns. (Get ready to see me and my lower age units surrendering on almost all battles neighbors :p)
- The Howitzers blast does NOT increase by 10 attack every space closer to a target (maybe you can try 6 or 7), and the Howitzer's attack in general will not work very well on scaled maps.
EDIT: Thank you devs for finally fixing that (it's 6 space for every space closer)
- A Stone Thrower's attack will technically hit 0 by the way I calculate the HP of the unit even though I'm pretty sure that it never does. Just put the attack at 1 (and 10 on the HP), and use whatever gives you the highest damage.
- Rogues always take one hit to transform. Even the game makes this mistake that it can possibly retaliate if you don't see a one hit kill.
- I don't think a unit should have 0 attack under any circumstance, but I just put those as "Not a Scratch!"; if you put defense as 0, it will give you "One Hit Kill"; and if you put both as 0, I don't know what's suppose to happen, so you get a nice: "You tell me"; putting 0 or less under HP will result in a dead unit
-This link brings you to a shareable document, so two people cannot use it at the exact same time. I do have 5 separate links, and may put them all up there if I see complaints about this issue here. *Even if it says that one user is online, it does not mean he/she is using it, so you can try to use it until you notice another value change or something.

A big THANKS to Surge for being my only other tester and Hippocratica for helping me find how to keep the other cells protected (and my formulas hidden) with Google Docs
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A little update:
- Changed damage dealt into HP of unit
- Allowed data validation to go up to 11HP (though it will have the same attack as 10HP)
- Set minimum damage to 1 (0-2,0-1, and the 0-0 intervals are still saved, just replaced the text with 1-2,1-1, and 1-1 respectively)
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