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Event Summer Event 2024


Community Manager


Ahoy, Forge of Empires Crew!​

Summer Event 2024 is nigh! Ready your crews and set sail for a thrilling pirate adventure deep in the Caribbean, starting May 7th to June 8th!

New Treasures & Quests Await!​

  • Shuffle Board: Use Doubloons for prizes, with special tiles for boosts!
  • Super Board: A bolder challenge with even greater rewards.
  • New Boosters: Cannon Ball, Bounty Amplifier, and Spyglass to enrich your plundering!

Daily Rewards & Leagues!​

Open daily Calendar windows with Turquoise Keys and climb the Leagues for extra booty. View the full reward overview here: Summer Event 2024: Rewards

Grand Prize: Dragon's Breath!​

Command the seas with this fearsome ship offering amazing boosts! For the full sail of information, chart your course to our Knowledge Base.

Embark on this pirating spree! Piracy, prizes, and adventure await. Don't miss the boat and let us know your feedback in this thread.⁠

Your Forge of Empires Team


Community Manager
Dear pirates, the Summer Event is almost over, so it is time for some balancing changes!

Event Buildings
  • The Ascended Golden Dragon Gong received a 1%
    Quantum Coin boost
  • The Ascended Zheng's Golden Bell received a 1%
    Quantum Supply boost
Daily Specials
  • We removed the 300%
    Attack for Attacking Army in
    Guild Battlegrounds 1h and 2h boosts and replaced them with 2 different rewards
Dragon Board
  • The rewards have been completely reworked
  • You now always have at least 1
    Doubloon reward on the board
  • The chance to get Mass Supply Rush items has been increased
  • We added a 24h Mass Supply Rush to the reward pool
  • The "Finish a production in a production building from your age"
    quests have been adjusted for the first 2 rivals
  • 1x 4 Turquoise Key Parts have been replaced for 24h Mass Supply Rush items in the second and third rival. We noticed, that the amount of provided key parts was a bit too high and made the calendar too easy (some of you already have way too many keys left). We hope this change will balance it out a bit more
  • The duration for all boost potions has been increased to 1h
  • The amount of
    Forge Points,
    Goods and
    Special Goods has been increased
And that's it for now, at least for beta! However, we still want to inform you about more changes, that will only be applied to the live event.

Event Pass and Grand Prizes
  • The 17th reward (10
    Doubloons) has been removed. All following rewards will be available earlier now.
  • All
    Doubloons from the Silver and Gold Pass have been removed
  • The Golden Dragon Gongs and Zheng's Golden Bells now appear
    twice as often
  • All level 1 appearances of them have been replaced with level 2 and all level 2s have been replaced with ascended versions.
  • The duration for the 500%
    Attack for Attacking Army and 500%
    Defense for Attacking Army in Guild Battlegrounds Boosts has been increased to 1h
  • The
    Attack for Attacking Army and
    Attack for Defending Army in
    Quantum Incursions Boosts now provide 200%
And now, that's really it! Thank you for reading. If you have any feedback, make sure to post it in the feedback thread!
Your Forge of Empires Team
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