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Event Summer Event 2020



Dear Kings and Queens,

Summer is here, and this year we return to the Forge Island to take part in the annual Summer festival! As soon as you arrive, listen to the local governor as he regales you with swashbuckling stories of the past year, and he will offer you a chance to take a spin on the mysterious 'Wheel of Fortune'. Give it a whirl and see what rewards it has in store for you!

The Summer Event will run from June 9th 2020 to June 29th.

There are awesome prizes to be won, so make sure to board the ship! If you didn't have a chance to participate in our previous events, now you have an opportunity to compete with your neighbors to claim some of those old event items, as well as brand new Summer items.

To spin the wheel you need Doubloons, which both the Governor, as well as the local pirate Jane will be happy to provide you with... in exchange for completing tasks, of course. You can go through the first 34 quests immediately. Once you've completed them, you will receive one additional quest per day, for the remainder of the event.

To board the Wheel of Fortune, click the bar in the top left corner of your screen:

Upon opening the event window, you will see the wheel, as well as the buttons to "spin" or "refresh & spin". Click "spin" to try your hand at the prizes currently on the wheel, or "refresh & spin" to clear the wheel for a new set of prizes! Don't worry, if you refresh the wheel, you still earn a prize after the new wheel is revealed. Remember that your neighborhood shares the wheel - when you refresh it, it's refreshed for everyone (an additional refresh will take place during a neighborhood merge). This also means when you grab a prize, it is gone for everyone! The most recent wins are displayed at the bottom of the window, so that you can keep an eye on who's winning which prize.


Spinning the wheel:

In order to spin the wheel, you first need to earn Doubloons. As mentioned, you can get them by completing Summer quests or finding them in regular incidents around, or in the outskirts of your city. You can also use Diamonds if you just can't resist waiting for the next spin! One spin costs one Doubloon, and results in one prize. Alternatively, you can "refresh and spin" to call up a whole new set of prizes for your neighborhood. No matter what you choose, you will always win a prize!
Event Prizes:

The prizes displayed in the wheel are available for every player in your neighborhood to claim. The prizes are random but, don't worry, every wheel has something special that can be won. The most special prizes can be won by just one lucky spinner - these are surrounded by a golden circle. The Ship Upgrade Kit and the Crow's Nest Selection Kit will both be available on some wheels. Common rewards can be obtained up to four times (you can see how many of each prize is left in the circle surrounding the image of the prize). If, for example, you win one of a specific prize where four are available, it is removed from the wheel and only three of them will remain for your neighbors to win. This goes on until all the prizes in the wheel run out, at which point the wheel is automatically refreshed with a new set of prizes.

In order to snag yourself the grand prize, you must set sail on a fantastic voyage! But how do you navigate the perilous seas, you ask? After every spin of the wheel, you will receive a compass! Use this compass to make your way across the map. Using a compass will randomly move your ship 1-3 spots on the map. Once you reach the end, X marks the spot, and you will be presented with the grand prize reward! The map will then be reset and you will be able to start once more on an epic new voyage.

In addition to some older event items, we of course also have a brand new reward: The Governor's Villa (an upgradable building with 9 levels). The Governor's Villa will provide Coins, Population, and Happiness as base productions, besides an Attack Boost for your attacking army. When motivated, the Governor's Villa will also generate Goods of your current age and additional units every day (please keep in mind that this building can be plundered, if not motivated).

The Governor's Villa - Level 9

As mentioned above, The Governor's Villa is the new Grand Prize. Nevertheless, you can still obtain Crow's Nest building and upgrade kits from the last year's event as rare rewards on the wheel:


New Avatars:

Lastly, as always, you'll get to show off your progress to your friends and neighbors, by obtaining one of four themed portraits.


We hope you enjoy spinning the wheel and winning the prizes. As always, we're looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires and... enjoy the summer! :)

The Forge of Empires Team
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Governer's Villa Level 9 - Building size 5 x 6
Please note this information is provisional for Beta and is subject to change.

This information has been updated but remains provisional:
if motivated
Bronze Age1,350273150+16%2,0004835
Iron Age2,330587240+17%4,7004835
Early Middle Ages2,580901600+18%7,8004835
High Middle Ages2,8701,2661,200+19%10,9004835
Late Middle Ages3,2001,6611,800+20%14,4004835
Colonial Age3,7702,0963,000+21%22,0004835
Industrial Age4,2502,5626,000+22%27,4004835
Progressive Era4,6703,0589,000+23%33,2004835
Modern Era4,9903,58415,000+24%41,3004835
Postmodern Era5,2004,13124,000+25%52,0004835
Contemporary Era6,0404,70836,000+26%67,7004835
Tomorrow Era7,3405,30660,000+27%78,4004835
The Future8,7905,93396,000+28%89,9004835
Arctic Future10,2406,581144,000+29%102,1004835
Oceanic Future11,8107,250180,000+30%115,1004835
Virtual Future14,1107,938240,000+31%129,0004835
Space Age Mars22,58012,565390,000+32%215,4004835
Space Age Asteroid Belt24,54013,649540,000+33%238,6004835
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The assets for the SummerEvent were not released in the latest App update (1.180.15). Unfortunately, this means that some aspects of the Event and the Governor's Villa may not work correctly until the next version is released. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this causes.



Thanks to your feedback on the event so far, we've reviewed the rewarded Doubloons, and the latter part of the questline will now be rewarded with 2 Doubloons rather than 1. It should now be possible to fully upgrade your Governor's Villa without the need to find sufficient incidents in and around your city.

As compensation, irrespective of your questline we'll award active Beta players with 7 additional Doubloons at some point on 24th June.

The quests will be updated with the next deployment which is currently scheduled for tomorrow.

Thank you for all the feedback provided so far!