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Suggestions for Future Contests


Greetings everyone

We would like some ideas and opinions about possible contests which can be conducted on the forums. They can be one-off competitions or perennial ones like the erstwhile Beta Lottery, though all contests should involve at least some effort on the side of the player.

Please try to be original and avoid copying contests from other servers. Ideas can also be for forum games or competitions related to the forum.

Team Beta
My idea is that we have a Lego building contest were you can build anything from FOE . I understand that not everyone has Lego so you can draw it if you do not . In away I am suggesting 2 ideas . If people like the Lego idea then I will write more on my proposal .


@ncshsg how about an content about:

Future (event) units special skillsets
The skillsets wich could be up to a limmit of 5-10 propposed skills for each player.
They can be used for future units for upcoming ages, or new special event units
or GE units (militairy buildings in very rare cases), Guild Battlefields, special militairy
buildings unlocked by completing cultural settlements, or secret units of some ages
who can be unlocked by completing story quests.

New items for the antiques, or GvG in order to making GvG more attractive once again

New event stuff
An contest for new ideas and/or suggestions for future event rewards and special
effects from event buildings. While there is a great ammount of stuff the chooise
from, it might be nice to see some fresh new ideas. Don't get me wrong I love the
event stuff that we already got and still getting tho

If it's possible to work out and in line with laws under fair use, maybe simelar to Enchanted's
suggestion an contest of creating FoE related stuff in Minecraft. For example building up in
an Minecraft world an FoE city of a set age of chooise. This might be possible by collaboration
with te site Planet Minecraft. Since they also launch often contests within that game. It could
be a great add for both FoE and Minecraft as an creative platform
With half a dozen words write the most crazy reason why you should be selected to Win 220 Diamonds ( reason has to do with FOE ). There should be 5 winners.


Just a fyi, suggestions are still being entertained, criteria mentioned in the first post still hold good.



How about an friendly contest for building FoE buildings in Minecraft? This can be any building:
Event, Cultural settlement, Reward buildings (from GE, GbG, cultural settlements rewards), normal
buildings (supply production/culture buildings, houses, decorations or militairy), GB's or townhalls
of diffrent ages including roads. Providing an attractive to bring FoE to live