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Feature Settlement: Polynesia


Community Manager

Hey Forge Fans!

Exciting news - our latest Cultural Settlement, Polynesia, is ready for you to explore on March, 18th!

Team up with Kamehameha I and build a flourishing island colony, brimming with unique cultural buildings.

Key Highlights:
  • Unlock Requirement: High Middle Ages technology, Signposting.
  • Unique Feature: No need for street connections for cultural buildings.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn the Hut of the Sacred Instruments for powerful army boosts, Forge Points, goods, medals, and random units. Complete the settlement in time to also get Fragments for the Great Dance Stage building, providing additional attack boosts and more!
  • Emissaries: Four new emissaries add special skills to your town hall production.

Don't miss out on cozy island vibes and fantastic rewards. For more details on how to maximize your journey in Polynesia and claim your prizes, head over to our full announcement: Click here for the full announcement

We can't wait to see your prosperous Polynesian colonies! Share your strategies and successes in ⁠our feedback thread and make your mark in the Polynesian culture. ️
With the activation of Polynesia, the previously announced Settlement changes will also come into effect!

Happy Exploring, Forge Fans!