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Recurring Quest while "camping" in Iron age


Has anyone "camping" in Iron age ever lost the reccuring quests as in "broken" the Chateau frontenac?
It seems to me from all the info I read both on wikia and the forums that all the bonus quests that can hinder the machine of quest-reward are triggered not only by map progression but by a combination of map and side quests (in one case main story quest) but all the story/side quests stop for iron age at the request to build the ruined tower.
I might be mistaken and the conditions for such players are different for recieving the bonus quests. If there are some instances that an IA camper recieved the bonus quests then the questions are do you lose the slot for reccuring quest (since you only have two quest spots)and does the Chateau become useless till you progress in age.

I thought beta was the best place to ask since it's the only place were representatives of all other forums can be found:rolleyes:

So has anyone heard or witnessed an IA camper recieving the later impassable for him/here bonus quests? And did she/ he lose the only reccuring quest they have?
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no, the chateau has value regardless of age.

If you do end up further in the map you may end up with a questline that requires completing before returning to the current age recurring quests. I had this happen in EMA but it was pretty easy to return back to my own age quests.

I know of a friend that has managed to acquire hundreds of thousands of Iron Age goods through purely the Chateau. I'm not sure if it's even possible to break the quests that the Chateau would require. If you do find yourself with side quests above your age you can always abort them, and if they're bonus they generally relate to the map so you could always buy or trade up to some higher era goods to negotiate with.


I'm not a camper myself ) studied all the info I could find and know that at any other age it's simple to deal with the bonus quests and dealing with them in CA myself atm))...I was just presented with a question which I am really interested in solving)))
I have quite a few IA campers as friends in my live account that are all cautious to move anywhere on the industrial age map because they were told that they could trigger the industrial bonus questline and close the recurring slot with it. And since they want to keep living in IA it would close the gold mine of Chateau-recurring and Chateau would be useless for them until they decide to move. Plus a lot of the farmer towns stay in IA and could use all the space the map could give them)
But that is what they were told not an experience they had. And so I read and read ))) and the only conclusion about the appearance of other quests that could occupy that slot I came to was that bonus quests are triggered by a combo of quest and map. If it is true and they can't receive any more quests due to being stuck on the ruined tower one, then there is no way for them to lose the reccuring.
But I could be wrong and for such IA campers there could be other conditions like just the map itself. So that is why I wanted to know if anyone knows for a fact that an IA camper received some type of quest and if he did, did he lose the recurring since only two quest slots are open in IA.
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Ah! Industrial age map, yeah I don't know of anyone in IA who went that far on the map.

Industrial Age Map
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The bonus quests for HMA or LMA are not abortable, and there is some quest unpasable due to the tech required to complete it.
For example, the bonus quest named "Make Peace" (HMA) is:
  • Build a cultural building or decoration of the High Middle Ages or research a technology that unlocks a cultural building.
If you are at Iron Age and finished the tech tree for that age, you cannot complete it unless you advance to HMA.

Later there are some more unpasable quests. For example, "A Cry for Help" (LMA) is:
  • Acquire 2 sectors of either Houndsmoor or Zaldon-on-Sea
  • Build 3 residential buildings from the Late Middle Age or 3 residential buildings from the Colonial Age
I'm not sure what triggers the first quest on that chain, but I guess it is when you explore the first province in the mountains, on right side of the old continent map, between LMA and Colonial provinces.


I know for a fact that the first two bonus questlines are triggered with the combination of map explorations and main/side quest (my known IA campers have explored all the old map without triggering them) ...what I am unsure of is whether the conditions are the same for industrial map..if so that means IA campers can't "brake" their reccuring quest by losing the one and only extra spot they have for them and can safely travel the whole map and stay in IA forever if they choose...I dont prefer staying too long in one age myself, but its valuable info for those who stay in IA but need the space the map can give them))
It doesn't apply to other ages because they have 3 quest slots open and receive side quests, only IA is "stuck")

As for the make peace quest all they needed to do was complete the story/map before finishing their last research))) which is what they did


what I am unsure of is whether the conditions are the same for industrial map..if so that means IA campers can't "brake" their reccuring quest by losing the one and only extra spot they have for them and can safely travel the whole map and stay in IA forever if they choose
if you they conquer the last regular province in industrial age (Garrincton) the bonus questline will start and they lose one quest slot (the last if they already have another bonus questline open)

and if they're bonus they generally relate to the map so you could always buy or trade up to some higher era goods to negotiate with
unless they require you to do something else age related

research modern roads


In IA only one questine is open apart from the main storyline and I found that Garrincton can be conquered without triggering the bonus quest if you havent conquered or scouted (will know which one for sure tomorrow) las Penas...that was discussed in detail on the us forum...
But I'm in CA myself so can get other quests too...anyways I was just very curious if anyone knew if the trigger for Industrial are just provinces or province+quest..checking it myself now and will post my findings) going province by province, doing the reccuring after each one to see if a bonus pops up instead.. in that thread an IA camper mentions triggering the bonus line by going to the bonus area instead of just Garrincton/Las Penas...
The first quest from Industrial bonus questline asks you to scout provinces south from Las Penas and north from Garrincton so it entails that you know both of those provinces, hence the assumption that if you dont know at least one the questline can't appear.
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Someone on the EN servers just posted this: https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/chateau-rendered-useless.36471/
As I progressed on the continent map my recurring quest giver disappeared and was replaced by Princess Myciena bonus quest line which cannot be aborted. The final quest require to research Modern Roads on the industrial tech tree and only after that I may get recurring quests back. I can fulfill any quests requiring to take provinces but I am unable to unlock an industrial tech. I do not intend to leave iron age. Making it compulsory for an iron age player to unlock anything 5 ages above seems to me as a design flaw in the game. Either, this quest line should not be compulsory or it should not replace the recurring quests.
I have put great effort bringing my chateau to a high level and now it is rendered completely useless. It is very disappointing.


Thank you)) so it's just the map then for the industrial bonus questline, but acquiring everything but Las Penas and dragon city opens the ship to the next continent and doesn't trigger the bonus line)) I'm currently checking the bonus provinces and after them if the quest still isn't triggered will try dragon and leaving Las Penas since it's a 100% trigger for last..I'm ready to move to industrial so not a problem for me to be the guinea pig))


I was wondering if the industrial bonus questline is triggered just by map progression (specific province) or like the other two by quest+map) and that post just proved that it is only the map for InA. Because IA is stuck on the ruined tower quest and dont receive any more story ones...


Industrial Age bonus is triggered solely by map progression afaik. But there is a way to take garrincton and move past industrial age without triggering it - it's a two province condition (garrincton + las penas i believe (but could be dragon city i suppose as i haven't taken that either in the worlds where i avoided triggering industrial bonus))


It is also safe to acquire Dragoncity and the top bonus provinces where an extra expansion can be found) and then just sail away...no more bumps in the road...only side quests can appear, but they are all abortable :))