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QuiZZy's Story Contest Winners

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Story #1

QuiZZy's Love Adventure to Australia

It was winter 2015 in Germany when QuiZZy was parting with mates at the pub on the north coast and his best mate was getting married to an Aussie surfer. Every time QuiZZy went to the pub for dinner he kept asking why he was still single and why his mate had the most beautiful kind hearted person he had ever seen. On evening his friend (Jon) asked him to come to Australia to be his best man. QuiZZy pondering about how single he was and always feeling really down said yes to Jon and later that month they travelled the 26 hour flight to Australia. All what QuiZZy had on his mind was finding a lovely single women to call his own.

They landed in Sydney for New Years Eve and headed up the East coast to Byron Bay. Jon and QuiZZy went to meet up with Jon's wife to be as they walked along the beach a group of young females ran towards QuiZZy bringing him to tears as he had never seen so much beauty. He feel in love but his problem was how would he ask one of them on a date. QuiZZy is now sitting on the sand crying when one of them asks them where they are from and where have been. When Jon replies they are on a holiday and QuiZZy is the best man for the wedding tomorrow and that its his bucks night. So the ladies decide to offer them one party they will never forget.

Later that evening they met at the same place and walked to one of the beach shacks the ladies been staying that they set up for the guys. In Aussie tradition they had a beach party and a bbq. Everyone got to know each other and had a few drinks. The following morning QuiZZy woke up on the floor with one of the young ladies... and she made him some bacon & eggs for breakfast. He was over the moon that he had such a great night and asked Katie if she wouldn't mind spending the day with him.

They went out for lunch leaving Jon to get ready for the wedding and met him there just before sunset on the beach where the wedding was to be held. Little to Jon's knowledge QuiZZy was falling in love with Katie and wanted to stay longer after the wedding to be with here. After the perfect sunset and wedding evening they all gathered one last night before Jon and his new wife went on there honeymoon to Queensland. Now that QuiZZy found his love and wants to stay has a hard decision to leave and head back home after a few weeks of fun when Katie decides to go with him to Germany to meet his friends and family.

QuiZZy returns home mid January and its snowing. Katie's first time seeing snow. They spend a few weeks seeing friends and family before Katie has to go back home. Just a few hours before Katie is meant to leave to go back to Australia QuiZZy decides he would like to marry her and asks her in front of all his friends. She says yes, but she doesn't want to live out of Australia. So he tells her he will come and visit very soon. Katie catches the plane and heads home ready and happy to she her loyal friends when she gets a call on the plane from QuiZZy announcing he's moving to Australia and on the next flight. When he arrives in Australia Jon is there with his perfect wife to pick them up and do the drive back to Byron Bay again before flying back himself.

Two months later QuiZZy is learning to surf. Enjoying the warmer summer weather and truly deeply in love with Katie. They plan to follow the sun together before deciding to get married.

This is my story on Quizzy's adventure for love in Australia and is happily spending his time with a young lady called Katie who is teaching him all things about a surfers' life. For how they eat a vegan diet and sustainable food and energy to surfing the best coastline of Australia. Not only is the surfing community his new friends they have all adopted him as family including the local surfer guys.



Story #2

Quizzy was a young man, he wondered away from home.
Then one day he realized, he is now all alone!
While he questioned his existence, but he knew of his return.
The town cried "Quizzy! Quizzy will you come back home!?!"
When Quizzy heard the cries, he turned around and headed home.
On his way he ran across a small lonely elf...
it was sitting on a tree-stump Quizzy had cut himself.
He asked the elf if it heard the cries...
the elf said "No, I only hear with my eyes...
Would you like to join me in my lifelong journey?"
The answer was "No, nice to meet you, I am known as Quizzy...
If you want a true journey, then come with me."
When Quizzy was back in town, there was much celebration.
He was asked to wear the Crown and lead the nation.
Quizzy said "No, not by myself...
You should ask my friend, the elf"
The town cried tears of joy, knowing Quizzy was back at home
They crowned the elf king...
and gave Quizzy a diamond ring.
Now the elf is the king,
but Quizzy wears the ring
Where will this journey end?
It is on Quizzy's hand...

The end


Story #9

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
(Charles Bukowski)

Quizzy is the Free Soul.
You meet him by chance. It is a privilege.
After the meeting, you know you will pursue him anywhere, seek him in everyone and be sick because you will never succeed in getting close at him.
Because wellbeing sensation radiating from him is the essence of life.
It’s the mirror reflecting you as a kid.
It’s the discovery about what makes mankind similar each other , respecting what makes mankind different.
It’s “the pact” you promised yourself never to break.
It’s the humility you need to get knowledge.
It’s the wellbeing you feel when you pursue a common goal.
It’s the capacity to exercise the mind without forgetting your smile.

I met him, Quizzy, just here in FOE a few months ago.
He was bouncing irreverent along the chat between thousands of gasps. He was dribbling requests, incoherent phrases, coded laughter and hundreds of idioms. He was throwing his challenges in return of his gifts. Calm he was asking questions, patient he was awaiting excited replies.
He was a boy or so he looked.
He had a skinny body which was emanating warm and chameleonic colours to hide or show his apparition; silvery eyes like a mountain lake on whom undefinite sadness emerges, sadness typical of souls where intellect overcomes perception; and a fearless placid voice.
I had the instinct to set a trap for him and take possession of that freed soul , but poverty awareness you feel when trying to seize desire of play was immense, so I just looked at him pass through.
Knowing without any regrets that I would have been carrying on to dream up for long time and to play with great positivity.


Story #11

In September 2014, had Quizzy had received her Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design. She had worked tirelessly for Inno Games as an undergraduate, sketching innovative designs for the upcoming graphic changes to Forge of Empires. Of course, as an undergraduate, she was over worked and under paid, and had also been tasked with setting challenging questions for the forums, for which she had a gift... but Inno had no idea how she came up with such inventive questions.....
After graduating, Quizzy realised that she had been studying so much that her forum questions were getting a little harder to create, so she decided to take a year out and go to see her very good friend Boris Al Q'aral the Ninth, who had a rather nice home in Bali, and the largest library of books every owned by a single man.
After arriving at Boris's home, they exchanged their customary hugs and kisses, and sat up for 72 hours straight exchanging stories about their lives over the last 12 months. And after a good 18 hour sleep, Quizzy went to the library rooms to start her research.
Now as the reader, you may say, "oh wow, is that it? she goes off and reads some books for a bit and then comes home?", well no, because Quizzy had a very special gift... She can walk through books... not just in her imagination, but in reality. To such an extent that she can change the story if she isn't careful. She meets the characters, she interacts with the environments, she can ask anything.
And so Quizzy spend the next few months walking through the books... She had Tea with the Mad Hatter; she ate candy at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, conversing with Oompa-loompas about their home country; Rode an Armoured Bear in The Golden Compass; Had to chase Gollum half way across a country in The Hobbit, because he stole her 'precious' ankle bracelet; There was a bit of trouble with Sherlock Holmes, when he spent more time investigating Quizzy that actually answering any of her questions, it was only because of the timely intervention of Doctor Watson that she was able to escape.
So after 18 months of dragons, fairies, heroes, villains, mountains, valleys, oceans, skies, food and drink, and many things besides, it was time for Quizzy to return to Europe, her mind suitably refreshed and informed, to start writing questions for the Inno forums again, and with her usual flourish, she drew up her graphical inspirations, and wrote new and challenging questions for the Forums.... and Inno had no idea how she came up with such inventive questions...

(by Zhara)


Greetings to the Beta Community.

I want to thank everyone for participating in this contest, both the authors and all of you who took the time to read these wonderful stories and vote.

Myself and all of the Beta Team are very impressed with all of the submissions, but alas not everyone can win.
This contest has resulted in Two 2-way ties. One for 1st and 2nd place, and one for 3rd and 4th.
I could run tie breaking votes, or I could cast the deciding vote myself, but I have decided to do neither of these things.

This contest was a challenge to write my story, but who has only one story that describes them or their lives? No one, and I am no different.
So, I am declaring @vibe2003 and @terwyne as the joint winners of the contest, with the most votes at 14 each, and they will both receive the first place prize: 400 diamonds and 30 Forge Points to each. Congratulations to you both.
I am also giving Honorable Mention to @fannietaz and @zhara for their clever stories as well, well done. You will both receive 100 diamonds and 20 Forge Points each.

For those not mentioned please know that I appreciate and liked all of your stories as well, and there are many more contests coming so there are always more chances.

Thanks again to everyone, and look for my next few contests coming soon, one of them is EPIC :)

Not open for further replies.