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Update Quantum Incursions Championship Update - Dive Into New Adventures!


Community Manager

Exciting news, everyone!

We've rolled out some fantastic updates to Quantum Incursions. Say hello to new challenges and goodbye to the old as we introduce Dragon Valley and Drake Mountains into our adventure lineup .

Plus, there’s more:
  • 2 New Buildings: Unlock the Neo Tactician's Tower and Neo Sentinel Outpost in Drake Mountains.
  • Map Changes: Engage in optional battle nodes and enjoy balanced, fair gameplay across the board.
  • Rewards Revamp: The Quantum Pass and Leaderboard are now more rewarding, offering the chance to earn the new buildings.
  • Reward Chests Adjusted: Easier access to free reward chests and a special QI Spring 2024 Epic Selection Kit for dedicated adventurers.
For details on all these changes and more, check out the full announcement on our knowledge base.
Got thoughts? Feedback? We’re all ears! Head over to the feedback thread and share your views.

Together, let's make Quantum Incursions an epic journey for everyone!
Your Forge of Empires Team


Community Manager
Dear adventurers, we hope you enjoyed the first Incursion of the new
During the past 2 weeks we analysed the interactions on the Map and went through your provided feedback. Based on those we made some adjustments.
You can find the updated announcement here: Quantum Incursions 2nd Championship
Those will be applied to the first
Incursion of the live
Championship already, which means there are a couple of things, that will only be applied to beta:
  • All progress points already earned in the rankings will be multiplied by 2.5
  • Progress points in the Pass will also be adjusted, so you will be at the same reward as you were before the requirement increase
  • The optional nodes in difficulty 6-9 are removed, due to technical limitations. We will re-consider their addition for future
    Championships based on the feature performance and the development load.
We are exited to hear what you think about the adjustments. Make sure to provide feedback in the feedback thread!
Your Forge of Empires Team