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Seeking Guild Looking for a high performance guild.


Hello All!
I have recently started on the Beta server, so I'm in the middle of HMA. No Observatory yet, no Alcatraz yet.
My only "asset" is my ability to finish level 4 in the Expedition every week, consistently (usually on the Friday). I produce my own goods for that, but need to trade (fair trades) for the goods I don't produce at that level.
I'm looking for a guild that opens level 4, if not every week, then at least every second week. My ideal guild would have a good team spirit, and be active in GvG.

Fluent in Gleesh, French, Italian, and able enough in Spanish.
Player name on Dunarsund : TheFlyingMan.


who are you ?
TheFlyingMan is in my guild long time ago by the way longer than me ^^ and after research there is not another same nikename^^
is it a joke ?