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Inactive Guild.


Hi, I've joined another Beta guild in the past couple of days, and I find that it's full now, I made number 80. Today (April 14. 21) I discover there's over 50% of the guild membes are potentially inactive, and so are the 3 Admin/Leaders. So in effect there's No-one running this guild. With around 40 ish (exact number unknown currently) potentially inactive members. Is there some way I can take over as Admin of the guild? It has some GBG & GE points, so would be easier than starting another guild from scratch, but that could be an option eventually.

I've left messages in the MessageCentre, to which I've had only one response in 24 hours (if you call "yp" a response). There is some activity in Trade and a couple of other other guild threads. So it's not completely inactive, but the 3x Admin/Leaders are inactive.

Would Inno let me take over as Admin/Leader of the guild? Or:
Should I start another Guild and ask the active members of the current one if they'd like to move over?

Many thanks.


Thanks for your response LR.
Looking back at the guild in question, it seems as if one of the three founders is doing just that. Logged in around 3 weeks ago and did one thing in his/her world then logged out again. I'm not willing to wait around to find out if they log in again. I've started another guild and just waiting for a couple of the other members want to follow. There were a couple that wanted to do Level 2 and more of the GE, so hopefully will see them soon.