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Guild Battlegrounds

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by In.My.ConTroL, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. In.My.ConTroL

    In.My.ConTroL Inhouse Community Manager InnoGames

    May 8, 2019

    Dear Kings and Queens,

    We are finally bringing you the new PvP feature we’ve been exhaustively working on during the last months, the Guild Battlegrounds. This wouldn’t be possible without your input, through the feedback we’ve received from the community over the months. With the arrival of Guild Battlegrounds on September 26th, we want to provide you with a new functionality, that is both easily accessible and competitive. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the Guild Battlegrounds as much as we do!

    Summarized introduction

    Every 14 days, guilds will be matchmade into a battleground that lasts for a limited amount of time. These guilds fight for provinces in the map, as these generate victory points to become the best guild in the Battleground. Depending on your guild’s performance, it should move up or down in the league system, so moving up also means that the Battlegrounds will get even more challenging, as your guild will face more competitive rivals as it grows.

    Provinces can be taken by stand-alone battles or negotiations, but the progress is shared with the guild, so all should cooperate to eventually cut off enemy guilds while claiming provinces for your own. When the battleground ends, guild members earn a reward according to the performance of their guild.

    Being part of a guild and research 'Military Tactics' are the only requirements to access the Battlegrounds building that's located northeast of your city limits.


    Each Battleground match will be formed by a map with 5-8 guilds that will battle each other for 10 consecutive days. Besides that, the map consists of a fixed number of provinces, where each guild will be initially placed at the edges with a province and an included HQ (the map distribution should provide as equitable distances as possible between guilds). These main provinces, in turn, can never be conquered by other guilds.

    Upon completion of each battleground, there will be a 3-days break for the guilds to rest, collect their rewards and make new preparations. The guild score will then be updated, and its members will see if they have increased or dropped their progress in the League System.

    League System

    To ensure that there’s no substantial difference between the participating guilds on each Battleground map, we will have a League System made up of five distinct league categories: Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Newly arrived guilds will be positioned in the Copper league.

    When the feature arrives, however, every existing guild will be given an initial league allocation. This should be calculated according to the average activity and members count per guild. The purpose is to start the feature with more appropriate battleground instances, while your actual performance within the feature will reflect your true league rank after a few seasons.

    Conquest Flags

    Guilds can only attack provinces which are adjacent to one of their own, and as soon as a guild begins attacking an adjacent province, a “conquest flag” will be displayed in the target province. Each action of the guild with the highest progress will increase the strength of the flag, until it is at full strength and the rival province gets taken over.


    Subsequently, the conquered province will stay in a ‘lock down’ state for 4 hours, which means that no guild can progress their conquest flag further in that province. Only the flag of the guild with the most progress will be displayed in a province, but other guilds progressing on that province will be indicated by small colored shields next to the flag. Also, you can always check a detailed list of guilds as well as their progress by clicking it.

    To contribute to a certain conquest flag, any guild member can tap on that province to bring up its window. Two options for earning points will be available there: Battle or negotiation game. The enemy composition for the battle option, as well as the costs for the negotiation option, will depend on the attacking player's age. At the same time, negotiation provides more than one advance as it takes more time and resources to complete.


    Each individual guild member will accumulate "attrition" for every single successful battle or negotiation. It will increase by one level each time one of these actions is completed successfully. The higher the attrition, the tougher the fights/negotiations will be, but it gets reset on a daily basis at midnight (server time).

    Battleground Leaderboard

    At all times, the guilds will see their amount of victory points within the feature. By clicking on this component, the Leaderboard will show all participating guilds of their current battleground group, listing the rankings, guild names, number of provinces they hold, current hourly gain of victory points, total of victory points and a reward preview for the given rank:


    Victory Points

    The Victory Points are particularly used to measure and count the points towards the current battleground, thus being reset every time you join a new round. Once per hour, each province that a guild holds will provide victory points. The provinces located towards the center of the map will be the ones providing the highest amount of victory points, so aim to acquire those!


    You can obtain immediate, temporary and permanent rewards in the Battlegrounds. There's a chance to obtain Forge Points immediately when advancing in the map, and this chance is slightly higher for negotiations (the amount varies based on the league). Your guild should gain temporary prestige points according to its current league, but keep in mind that you can also lose them likewise when dropping in the league. Lastly, we also have permanent rewards for you and your guild: Guilds can get guild power according to their placement withing a battleground (the amount also scales according to the league), and simultaneously you can get Battleground Statue Fragments of the Statue of Honor:

    Statue of Honor - 3x4

    You can obtain immediate (Forge Points), temporary (Prestige) and permanent rewards (Guild Power and Battleground Statue Fragments).

    The feature is still in development phase, so our Forge of Empires' team will keep working on it. Therefore, please don't hesitate to leave any comments, questions or concerns in this thread. We'd love to listen your feedback!

    Your Forge of Empires Team.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  2. Dudettas

    Dudettas Community Manager

    Mar 9, 2017
    Guild Battlegrounds are now live on Beta!
  3. Dudettas

    Dudettas Community Manager

    Mar 9, 2017

    Where are the Province Buildings?
    Province Buildings are not yet finalised and will follow/be released at a later time.

    What will the Statue of Honor provide?
    The building itself is work in progress at the moment.

    Will Battlegrounds always start on a Thursday?
    Battlegrounds will always begin on a Thursday.

    Will my Observatory/ Support Pool apply to Guild Battlegrounds?
    No, they will not apply to the Guild Battlegrounds.

    What happens if you join a guild after battlegrounds start? Is there a minimum number of players in a guild required?
    If you join a guild after the battleground has already started, you will need to wait for the next battleground to be able to participate.
    There is no required number of members to participate. One-member guilds can also play.

    Will it even be possible to see who and by how much individual guild members have contributed during a season or an activity log?
    Not in the current version arriving on Beta. Maybe later on with some of the changes/future improvements.
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  4. Sovereign

    Sovereign Inhouse Community Manager InnoGames

    Jan 26, 2012
    Hello Beta,

    With tomorrow's update we will make a small change to the 'personal rewards' you can gain when completing actions on a province. Currently you have a small chance to earn Forge Points every time you complete a negotiation or battle on a province. With tomorrow's update we will:

    • Increase the chances of earning a reward.
    • Change the reward so you have the possibility to earn not only Forge Points, but also Goods, Units, and even Diamonds!
    Thanks again for your valuable feedback so far!


    Your Forge of Empires Team
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